Boxer Dog Facts, 5 Interesting Facts, And Information On The Breed.

Basic Information on Boxer Dogs Originating from Germany – Munich to be exact – A Boxer Dog is a medium to large breed. They are short-haired with a course tight-fitting coat. Colour combinations are most commonly fawn, brindled, or white and with or without additional white markings. The average weight for a boxer dog is: […]

Australian Shepherd Blue Merle Breed Information.

Often recognized for their striking appearance the Australian Shepherd Blue Merle is an intelligent medium breed sized dog. This being said there is also an Australian Shepherd miniature size growing in popularity across the globe. See the Top Breeds Of 2020 Australian Shepherd Blue Merle Basic Information Australian shepherd blue Merle is a color combination […]

Blogging – The Good, Bad And The Ugly Of Month 3!

Hello again, Here we are at month 3!Find out how blogging on Facebook, SEO and Pinterest have been going. If your yet to see my other months you can take a look here: My first month of Blogging as a complete newbie. Month #2 Blogging on WordPress This last month has been absolutely nuts if […]

Cat Love – 5 Luxury Things For Cats.

Cat Luxury I’ve been hesitant to do a product list but I love spoiling my fur babies and I figured you guys must too. I didn’t want to pick products I wouldn’t use or want myself. So rest assured these Cat Luxury items are ones i do and wish i had for my fluff ball. […]

100+ Dog Names – Find The Perfect Name For Your Pooch.

Need name ideas for your new fur baby to be. Look no further here is a list of different dog names, including links to more detailed lists for each category. It can be difficult to find the right name so if you haven’t yet met your fur ball to be. Make a note of your […]