Best pets for kids

A pet for a child is one of the best gifts. Pets teach children responsibility, love, care, and studies show children with pets have stronger immune systems.The benefits far out way the cons and what child isn’t dreaming about a pet of their own. All this being said what type of pet is best?Take a […]

Questions Vets ask before you get a new dog.

Thinking about getting a new family addition? check out the Questions Vets want people to ask themselves before getting a new dog. 1. Am I ready to commit to being a great owner? Before looking at dogs or moving to the next question on this page, ask yourself this.Am I ready for all the caring, […]

Tips to make lockdown fun!

Now I normally write about animals but seeing as we are In unprecedented times I thought I’d branch out and try something new.Here in NZ, we have already been in alert level 4 (lockdown) for 15 days due to the covid19 pandemic.We have a larger bubble of 5 adults and two children due to many […]

Popular dog breeds Of 2020 and why they are so loved.

Humans falling in love with their favorite breed is the best! However, some are more popular than others, below is a list of some of the popular dog breeds 2020 and why they are so loved. People have many reasons for owning a certain breed of dogs, for example, looks, health, lifespan, and personality traits […]

How to give your dog a massage and how it can help them

Many of us enjoy a nice relaxing massage. With 5 years experience in small animal physio/rehabilitation. I’m here to give you some tips and tricks How to give your dog a massage and how it can help them. How to give your dog a massage and how it can help them When and why should […]

5 Ways To Help Your Arthritic Pet.

Let’s talk arthritis, it is heartbreaking to watch your fur baby struggle to get up in the morning or resist jumping in the car for their daily outing. keep scrolling to see my 5 Ways to help your arthritic pet. After spending 5 years in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation for small animals I’m here to […]

New Puppy? What you need to know.

So you’re looking at getting a new puppy or have just recently brought your new bundle of cuteness home.What are the first things you should be thinking about setting up for the new love of your life?Check out these 6 Things to consider when getting a new puppy. New Puppy? What you need to know. […]