Month 6 Blogging Update

Dog Sleeping On Bed with owner.

Hay everyone, this one a little later than normal. Life has been full-on.
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To the blogging update. Month 6 has been strange. It started off swimmingly and then Pinterest threw another wobbly at me and now I’m in this weird, my accounts not flagged but somethings not right with it phase.

Im suspecting an algorithm update did not go my way. Unlike Pinterest jail, my traffic didn’t completely disappear just dramatically fell over the course of a few days. Gradually decreasing by about 70-80% sigh.

After joining some Pinterest groups I can see there are a lot of people just as frustrated as me and dealing with the same. So fingers crossed Pinterest gets it sorted and all will be well again.

Anyway trying to stay positive and I’m continuing to use the platform and try some new techniques.

what kind of dog owner are you

Seo has improved and continues to yay! I worked hard on AMP and updating my content and keywords. It’s slowly paying off which I’m pleased about.

I’ve signed up for amazon affiliate and giving it a go, at last, I’m nervous about their minimum sales needed within 128 days but I’m going to give it a crack. It has so many options for my niche and I love the products available.

I disliked being limited to products I hadn’t used myself or not having the options or styles I would recommend. It feels good to be able to promote stuff I would want or already have myself.

However currently I have not made a sale, perhaps affiliate marketing isn’t for me. But I’m happy to persevere for a bit longer and see what happens.

Im doing more research into it and building my knowledge as I fumble along.

Do Cats Remember people.

Omg, the spam comments people!! Crazy im getting like 10-20 a day! sooo frustrating. If your a spammer searching throughout this post you can just click the bright red x and leave. I will just delete you.

Ok rant done haha

Goals for this next month blogging.

Work on my email list.

Run a giveaway on Facebook to help boost my reach.

Create some giveaway content to help owners with skin problem pets. I have written a lot of great content on pet skin issues. I am proud of it so I would love for it to be getting more traction.

Blogging On WordPress

That’s it from me, ill do another update in a month. Fingers crossed for success and fun.
As always, thanks for reading.

Month 5 Latest Blogging News

Hello again everybody, another month done and dusted. Can’t believe its been 5 months already. Well here’s my latest blogging news.

After last months disaster of being put in Pinterest jail and having my traffic slashed almost entirely. This month has been all about clawing my way back.

blogging news
Blogging News

Blogging News – Month 5 – Coming Back From The Dead.

So gradually, I have managed to get a steady stream, of traffic back, and again mostly from Pinterest Sigh!

SEO is finally happening it is slow were talking 7 visits through SEO but I’ll take anything I can get.

Facebook is also growing but very slow, I get a small amount of traffic now but I will continue to work at it.

Instagram I’m still figuring out, I get a lot of hearts/likes, and followers. However, I’m not sure how much traffic/engagement I’m actually getting out of it.

Dog Skin Lumps

The Traffic Is Back But I Still Have My Struggles.

I’m back at work now pretty much full time + I have two small children.

Keeping up with new blog content, social media, Pinterest and analysing SEO, Analytics, and search console. Well it’s been a push.

However, I’m still here trying = ) and still loving it.

Financially there isn’t really much to talk about its still very low/non-existent.

Ads make next to nothing and I have been trying affiliate marketing for a while now.

I need to search out some cool niche products. I am looking into printables and creating my own e-book/courses.
This will all take time though so I don’t see the financials improving for a while.

Blogging News – On The Bright Side

This post is sounding a bit depressing so lets finish it with the months highs!

Despite the increased time pressure im still producing content and loving it.

I am helping pet owners across the globe especially with skin. It feels so rewarding to be achieving pretty much the main goal of this blog to help pet owners.

I truly feel I will crack this blogging business I’m very determined and I really want this to work as its something I enjoy.

I would love to help pet owners more.

So increasing my traffic, content and financials will help me continue to grow this.

I have focused more on writing about what i want to write about. I fell into a bit of a trap of writing SEO subjects to get traffic and grow.

To be honest id rather go this the slow way and grow knowing im creating good content.

Blogging for money how the first month went for a complete newbie.

To Sum It All Up

Wrapping up Month 5’s Blogging news..

I’m still here tapping away, researching and learning this online blogging business world.

As much as id hoped to create a solid following by now with a steady income to cover my costs, I’ve realized its just takes a lot longer than they say on those ‘make money blogging posts’

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The devastation of Month 4, I Needed New Blogging Ideas Fast!

blogging ideas

Hello everyone a few days late with this one sorry.
Month 4! Well, it has been eventful that’s for sure.

This month had me in panic mode and made me get my thinking cap on. I needed new blogging ideas and fast.

So last month I wrote about how I suspected id been marked as spam and had my Pinterest traffic slashed.

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I Needed Blogging Ideas And Help Fast.

Well, I was right the very next day my whole account was shut down and all my hard work vanished. I went from 1000 website views a day to 20. I had no idea why.

After 1.5weeks of emailing Pinterest and getting automatic replies over and over that, I was a spammer, finally, a real person looked into it! Within no time I was back up and running. It was all a mistake and Pinterest apologized.

However, my traffic has suffered considerably even now I am only just creeping back up to 300-500 views per day.

pexels burst 373967 scaled

What Did I Do While I Was In Pinterest Jail?

They say, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and I learned the hard way why. I focused on Pinterest a lot because it was going so well.

Being taken off forced me to re-think everything and it really pushed me to look for new blogging ideas and getting into improving my SEO.

I have been struggling with this and previously, and not really getting a lot in return for my efforts.

However, I think I am finally getting somewhere it is incredibly slow but there is an improvement and I’m hoping at some stage I will break through the algorithm barrier that is google haha

cat laying in basket

Why Am I Finding Facebook Such A Barrier??

Facebook is still a struggle, I get so much more responsive action, for my content on Pinterest.
Facebook, is barely giving me much at all. It is hard to get motivated to keep working at it.

I’ve joined groups, I do a mix of funny posts, serious posts, my written content. Still no luck! Even sharing viral posts doesn’t gain me a lot in the way of impressions or likes. I really feel like Facebook is restricting me until I pay for a boost or ad campaign

dog skin conditions

Blogging Ideas – What Have I Done Differently This Month.

On a different note, I have entered the world of Instagram, this is completely new for me and I am learning how best to navigate all the opportunities.

Financially – well let me just say I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon to become a full-time blogger.

Affiliate marketing has made me zero so far, even though I only promote products I would use myself. Ads well were talking cents and maybe a dollar here or there.

Another Month Done And Dusted…

That’s me for this month guys, I’m still managing to get 2-3 blog posts out a week despite being back at work now. I really am committed to giving this a full go.

I really hope it starts paying off soon, even if it could cover its costs would be great as I love blogging to everyone.

See you all next month, As always thanks for reading.

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Blogging – The Good, Bad And The Ugly Of Month 3!

Hello again, Here we are at month 3!
Find out how blogging on Facebook, SEO and Pinterest have been going.

If your yet to see my other months you can take a look here:

My first month of Blogging as a complete newbie.

Month #2 Blogging on WordPress

This last month has been absolutely nuts if I’m being frank. I have gone from such highs to confused lows.

Blogging on Facebook is still a bit of a mystery but I think I might finally be getting somewhere after extensive research, trials and errors.

blogging on facebook

The Good Of Month 3!

Let’s start with the good, my Pinterest traffic exploded! I had several pins go viral and I had over 1000 daily website visits from Pinterest alone for 2 weeks.

I thought id cracked it! it was glorious! I had comments, subscribers, and page views coming out my ears. So cool!

You can see what happened next in the ugly below = ( Sigh!

Continuing with the good I have tripled my income to $3.00 whoop whoop haha. Got to celebrate the milestones.

I have improved my writing skills massively – Admittedly they still need work but improvements good.

Blogging on Facebook – I’m finally getting somewhere, post likes and page followers are increasing which is nice.

I’m helping a lot of owners now which is very exciting, my traffic surge meant that I was helping so many owners and their fur babies. This is my highlight and why I started all this in the first place so yay!

Environmental allergies in dogs

The Bad And Ugly

Lets get these both done together = (

Although I’m waiting for confirmation, I’m pretty sure Pinterest has marked me and some of my posts as SPAM!

I went from thousands of impressions a day to less than 100! within a few hours.

I lost pretty much all my Pinterest traffic, which as you can imagine going from a 1000 daily to 30-50 has been hard to swallow.

I have contacted Pinterest support to find out what I did wrong and if I can fix it. I will update you next month on what happens. Wish me luck!

Blogging on Facebook

I know this was in the good but its also in the bad.

I’ve put a lot of work in with not much action in return. it’s getting there but it is very slow! going.

I even struggle to get the family engaged in my content which doesn’t spell good news. If I can’t even get them to take a look perhaps that’s saying something… Trying not to over-think as I have has some fantastic feedback.

I still enjoy all the funny animal memes however, its a lot of fun finding them and hoping people giggle as much as I do.


I have been working pretty hard on this again with not much action.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I’m ranking for things I didn’t even try to rank for? and not what I did try to.

So confusing but I will persevere perhaps it just takes time and more content – That’s what I’m hoping anyway.

close up photo of dog wearing sunglasses 1629781

Well another month gone, I’m still here and ill be back in another month to give you all my blogging journey update.

Despite the frustrations the highs make it all worth it. Im surprised how much i enjoy all of this and wish id done it sooner.

Also wish id paid more attention in IT class and perhaps taken a course in website coding as that would be so handy right now.

As always, Thanks for reading.

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Can you write a blog on Facebook?

Physically not really, but you can upload your posts and content.

How do I start a blog on Facebook?

1. Create a public figure, or community Facebook page.
2. Choose blogger as your category
3. Connect your blog to the page.
4. Post your content to the page and invite people to your page to view it.

Should I blog on Facebook?

Facebook is a great tool for driving traffic to your website over time. You will need to put work and regular effort in to reep the rewards.

Blogging how the first month went for a complete newbie.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Hi everyone,
I can’t believe its been a month already, wow what a journey!
I decided to write this “Blogging for money’ post. Not only to log my progress but for others to see the reality of creating a blog, with monetizing it in mind.

There is a lot of ‘blogging’ posts out there. Mine isn’t the classic ‘I made heaps of money, here’s how I did it!’, ‘oh and please subscribe’. (Subscriptions are defiantly helpful though haha)

I’m not going to lie, It has been a lot of work! and a huge learning curve in fact.
I’m still surprised by how much I need to do and learn.
I’ve put a lot of hours into designing, niche picking, researching, different accounts, Pinterest, writing and this feels like the tip of the iceberg.

Admittedly I’m loving it! I’m addicted to this process.
I spend countless hours just playing around with plugins and widgets.
Something I knew nothing about a month ago!

Blogging for money how the first month went for a complete newbie.

Let us get down to it then

Now the answer everybody is waiting for……
(or nobody as traffic is currently an issue sigh!)

I have made zero dollars in my first-month blogging for money!
I am in the red $170.00, that’s what I spent setting up my website plus a few security extras.

I now have a lot of doubts, especially when I see “I made $2000.00 in my first-month blogging” popping up on my Pinterest.
I’m starting to think about what am I doing wrong, is it content, writing, niche, website speed or something I haven’t learnt yet!

If anyone feels like throwing this blogger a bone, find something you like, follow me, pin me on Pinterest, like my Facebook page, and if something helped you please leave a comment.
100% It will make my day = )

What am I planning from here?

For anyone reading, I’m not giving up yet. This girl is a fighter!!!!
I didn’t start this blog to make money, although admittedly something would be nice.

Starting this journey was truly to help pet owners and their pets.
Today’s a tough day in my blogging journey, but instead of focusing on the negative issues. I’m going to remind myself of the positives.
I’ve been learning a range of new skills and some blog comments confirm, I am already helping pet owners! So it’s not all doom and gloom.

At this stage, my plan is to persevere on and review again in one month. Hopefully, my next post is full of happy success’s, finger crossed!

Like said earlier, I am also enjoying this process! I’m discovering that I like writing,( not sure if I’m any good yet), but improving that skill and grammar has been a must for years.
I have a new appreciation for writers and bloggers everywhere.
I now know how much work they are putting in.

Until next month…..

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That concludes my first ‘Blogging’ post. I hope you’ll stick around for more, and any bloggers out there got any advice? Please leave me a comment with any helpful tips.

As Always Thanks to Anyone Reading = )

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As always if you’re here thanks for reading = )

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