Bengal Cat Breed, Personality Traits, Information, And Facts.

The Bengal cat is a large, athletic, and often wild-looking breed. They are fiercely loyal to their owners.

They are a large sized breed, that have extroverted personalities and are surprisingly agile considering their bone structure.

Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat Charted Guide:

Breed Size/Weight Range: Longevity: 9 – 13 Years
Male: Large – 12lbs+/ 5kg+
Female: Large – 12lbs+/ 5kg+ Eye Color: Blue

Coat: Short – Glossy/Smooth Social Needs/Owner Interactions: High
Shedding: Low
Grooming Needs: Mild/Moderate
Allergenic: Not Low Allergy

Bengal Cat Personality Traits:

Bengal as a breed is extremely loving and loyal cats. They love attention and the company of their owner.

They need room to move, keeping a Bengal inside a small space is not recommended. They need to be able to roam and romp around a larger environment.

bengal cat laying

How To Keep A Bengal Entertained.

If your Bengal is able to get out to a large outdoor area then they will mostly keep themselves entertained.

However, if you’re trying to attempt to keep a Bengal as an inside cat you are going to need some arsenal.

Check out these cat tree ideas some are more like indoor playgrounds for cats, but they are sure to help keep your Bengal busy and entertained.

Bengal Cat Breed information and facts

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