Tips and tricks on how to train your puppy to sit in minutes.

how to train your puppy
how to train your puppy

Training your new fur baby to sit is easy, with the right technique.
Check out my tips and tricks on how to train your puppy to sit in minutes.

Things to have prepared:

1. Yummy treats – You need to figure out what treat gets your puppy willing to do anything.

Some suggestions to try are small amounts of cheese, meat, cooked pumpkin and apple.

Finding the best treat makes this so much easier.
Don’t try any training with a treat your puppy isn’t really that interested in.

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How to train your puppy #2

2. A nice quiet calm environment to train your puppy.
Its no use going outside where your puppy will be playing with leaves sticks and bugs.

Pick a plain room in your house and remove toys and distractions before starting to train your puppy.
You want all your puppies attention and focus.

3, Check your puppy is in the right mood.
Like the environment, we need your puppy to be in the right mind frame too.

So, don’t wake your puppy from their nap, or attempt to train them right after you’ve been playing heaps of fun games and they are all hyperactive.
Instead, give it a go after you’ve taken them for a short walk and they’re reasonably calm.

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Tips and tricks on how to train your puppy to sit in minutes.

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How to train your puppy to sit:

OK we are all prepared and ready to go, you’ve got your yummy treats, a neutral environment and hopefully a reasonably calm and focused puppy.
Let’s give this a go

1. Show your puppy you have the yummiest treats in the world by giving them a taste.

To do this pinch the treat in between your thumb and finger and let them lick and nibble, don’t let them have the entire treat straight away.
After 10-20 seconds let them have the treat.

2. Now using this same treat giving technique.
While your puppy is nibbling and chewing the treat from your fingers, lift your hand so their head tilts back and looks towards the ceiling, keep going back slowly until your puppy sits on their own accord.
As soon as they sit give them the treat and a tonne of praise!!!

3. Once your technique is feeling good, start introducing the word “sit” at the beginning of the exercise. Say sit then show your puppy to sit using the technique.

After some time of getting it right, your puppy will start to automatically sit on command.
Make sure once it happens you give lots of praise and of course the treat.

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Having trouble check out these tips to help:

Tip 1:The first few times, you can also be using your free hand, apply a small amount of pressure to their lower back/bum.
This helps encourage them into the sit position, you shouldn’t really need to do this but sometimes it helps speed things up.

Tip 2: If your puppy is just walking backwards, you can stand them in front of a wall to prevent this. try to make sure your hand isn’t moving backwards with them. They will stay with the treat so observe movements carefully.

Tip 3: Don’t train for too long, go for a maximum of 20 mins. Any longer and your no longer being productive.

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It is as easy as that. Make sure to keep practising it several days in a row to really make sure it sticks.

As always thanks for reading = )
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