Vet Questions About Dogs, Answer All 8 Before You Get A New Fur Baby.

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Thinking about getting a new family addition? check out the vet questions about dogs, that they want people to ask themselves before getting a new dog.

1. Am I ready to commit to being a great owner?

Before looking at dogs or moving to the next question on this page, ask yourself this.

Am I ready for all the caring, exercising, feeding, training, and paying for a dog for its entire life-span?
If your not 100% yes! Then perhaps getting a dog isn’t right for you.

Dogs are mans best friend for a reason they are loyal, loving and dedicated to their owners.
Although re-homing options and shelters are available and willing to take unwanted dogs. This can be heart-breaking for the dog.

Dogs are rehomeable to other loving families and owners, However, if you’re already thinking of re-homing as a potential option one day.
Then its probably best not to purchase a dog.
You need to be 100% ready and committed to getting a dog.

vet questions about dogs

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2. Can I afford a dog?

You have many financial obligations once you purchase a dog, for example, food, training, veterinary bills and general health care are just some of the many expenses. Too many times people decide to get a dog without calculating the actual cost of having one.

Are you financially stable enough to cover a large vet bill?
A broken leg or sick dog can easily accrue a bill of hundreds if not thousands.

Not a problem for your finances? Then you are good to go straight to question 3, if not then, unfortunately, assuming or hoping nothing bad will happen to our pets, is not a responsible approach.

Don’t lose hope of getting a new fur friend. Options like pet insurance make it possible for the less financially flush to cover unexpected veterinary bill.
Having a good policy will allow access to money, which will cover a dog’s veterinary care when needed.

If you want to get a dog but have no emergency fund options. Then I strongly recommend you purchase dog insurance, so if anything goes wrong, you don’t have to make a call of life or death based on your finances.

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3. Do I have the time for a dog?

Perhaps your living in a busy house, with a range of different people coming and going throughout the day, or perhaps you work from home?

Getting a dog is a great option for you, they are amazing company, and will be a fabulous addition to your life, go to Question 4 = ).

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However, If your living alone, working 40+ hour weeks, and have a busy social life.

Please think long and hard about getting a dog.
Dogs love company, so if you’re never around what will they be doing? Is that a life you potentially want to create for your best fur friend??

Waiting until your situation changes would be better when considering a new dog.

4. What breed of Dog do I want?

With so many different breeds to choose from, this is such an important decision.

This question alone is almost the most important question that Vets want people to ask themselves before getting a new dog.
Please! Do your research, think long and hard about which breed is right for you.

Dog breeds have different personality’s, exercising needs, behaviours, likes, dislikes, and come in all sorts of sizes.
When researching the range of breeds available, make sure you’re paying close attention to what breeds attributes are best suited for your lifestyle.

Check out my recent post on the 2020s most popular breeds, this shows some of the differences occurring between breeds, and will give you a good start in finding a breed that could suit you.

5. Do I want a puppy or to adopt an older dog?

New puppies are adorable bundles of cuteness however, they do require a lot of attention, training and care until they are fully grown.

See my recent post on 6 things to consider before getting a puppy.

Not hugely hung up on having a puppy, consider adopting your new best friend and giving them a wonderful home.
You can adopt an older dog from a shelter or your local SPCA.

Adoption is great, so many lovely dogs need homes like yours yesterday!
You won’t regret it.
Have children to consider? see my post on best pets for kids to help you with your decision.

6. Who will be my dog’s vet?

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Choosing a vet before purchasing or adopting is a great idea.
Once you have found the right clinic for you, make sure to touch base with them and get as much information as possible.

The staff can advise you on nutrition options, vaccinations, microchipping, worm treatments, flea treatments, puppy classes, behaviourists and they may even have some breeders they can recommend.

Professional advice will differ between a puppy or an older dog, make sure you have decided before taking this step.
None the less, being as prepared as possible is best, especially when it comes to the care of a furry addition.

7. Who will be caring for my dog when I am away?

At some point, we all travel, whether it’s for a holiday or work, we all take a trip from time to time.
Putting your pooch into a kennel facility can be costly.

Preparing for this scenario before is great prep work.
Know someone that would be more than happy to take your dog while you are away?

Awesome then it’s best to touch base with these potential dog sitters and check what they are willing to do.
This way you are as prepared as possible and can consider any extra costs for care while you travel.

8. Is your phone memory ready?

two yellow labrador retriever puppies 1108099 1

You’re about to fill your phone with the best pictures ever!!
Dog selfies, dog eating, dog sleeping, dog looking cute here and dog looking cute over there.
if you’ve made it this far and you are feeling confident with your decision to expand your family, then congratulations and enjoy
= )

As always, Thanks for reading.

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  1. I I absolutely love this article! To many people will adopt an animal because they want one, without thinking about the breed or their need.

  2. These questions are SO important! The breed question in particular is one that I am always trying to encourage people to dig into. Far too many people select the breed of dog they adopt simply by appearance without considering the important factors like size and energy level. They then find themselves in a situation that’s far from ideal and many of these dogs wind up in shelters and rescues. A situation that could have easily been avoided with a little research in the early stages of making decisions!

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