New Puppy? What you need to know.

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So you’re looking at getting a new puppy or have just recently brought your new bundle of cuteness home.
What are the first things you should be thinking about setting up for the new love of your life?
Check out these 6 Things to consider when getting a new puppy.

New Puppy? What you need to know.

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1. Nutrition

What will you be feeding your puppy? What you choose to feed them now will lay the foundations for their health.
Their diet from now to 24 months old will determine how their muscle-skeletal development forms, so it is an important decision to make.
Please consider a science-based veterinary recommended puppy/growth food.
Contacting your chosen vet clinic for advice on this is a great idea.
Even before you get your new puppy.

2. Insurance

Is always a good idea, especially for puppies. Veterinary care can be expensive and a good insurance plan can make all the difference.
Especially when deciding what your potentially sick pet might need.
I strongly recommend getting insurance for a new puppy, as they might develop a health condition you wish you had insurance for!
Here is a good company I strongly recommend if you haven’t already found one at the price you can afford! Pet Assure makes it easy. Learn More

3. Toilet Training

How, when? Toilet training can be frustrating, here is a good video on how to get started with your new furball.

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4. Crate Training

Having a crate trained puppy is very handy. Puppies tend to be mischievous so when your leaving them in the house, being able to secure them in a safe place is ideal.
See this video on crate training to help you get started.

5. Vaccinations

100% puppies need to be vaccinated! There is nothing worse than watching a puppy die from a preventable disease. Please, don’t hesitate in taking your new puppy for all its vaccinations.
If you need more information contact your vet about when and what is best for your area.

6. Puppy School

Consider signing up for your local puppy preschool. Once your pup has had all of its vaccinations, you can book them in for their first class.
Not only are these sessions adorable, but they are great for socialization and basic training!
They are a great starting foundation for, behaviour and training for your new fur baby.

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Last but not least, Love! Give that puppy endless cuddles and kisses.
They’re only this small once so take endless selfies, videos and snuggles!
That concludes 6 Things to consider when getting a new puppy.
As always thanks for reading.

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