Best pets for kids

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A pet for a child is one of the best gifts.
Pets teach children responsibility, love, care, and studies show children with pets have stronger immune systems.
The benefits far out way the cons and what child isn’t dreaming about a pet of their own.

All this being said what type of pet is best?
Take a look at my top 10 list of best pets for kids.

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1. Dog

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No surprises dogs are at the top of the best pets for kids list, dogs undoubtedly are man’s best friend.
They’re the kind of pet enjoyed by the whole family.
Teaching kids responsibility through cleaning, walking, grooming, and feeding them on a daily basis.
Although common, dogs are a fantastic pet option for children.
kids can get involved with training a new dog or puppy.
There are many training classes and puppy schools available.
Children showing a keen interest can then try, agility/obedience classes and competitions. These are both fun and competitive.
With so many breeds to choose from finding one that suits a child is easy.
Check out my previous posts on the 2020s most popular breeds and 6 things to consider before getting a puppy.

2. Cat

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Again no shock that cats are high up on the list for best pets.
They’re here for good reasons too.
Cats are good at taking care of themselves however, they are more than happy to let you take care of them.
If allowed outside cats exercise themselves.
This is why they are also a great all-round pet for the family.
Kids interacting with everyday care like feeding, grooming, and litter tray cleaning.
Check out my post on the top cat breeds to see if one fits your child needs.

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3. Fish

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Fish are great pets for kids, they are easy care and have so many varieties available.
Kids love going into pet shops choosing from the different sizes and colours.
Fish are also very cost-effective pet, unless choosing to have tropical fish.
Tropical fish require heated tanks and many added care items, which comes at extra cost.
Children learn responsibility to care, feed and clean the fish tank.
An added bonus is that fish tanks make great house decorations and they are easily cared for while the family is away.

4. Rabbit

black rabbit 2389073

Childcare centres choosing to have pet rabbits, do so for good reasons.
These guys make fantastic pets.
Kids easily fall in love with the soft, and bouncy bundles of cuteness.
Rabbits are easily cared for, able to live outside in their hutch/run, they are quite content being a child’s garden buddy.
However rabbits still require feeding, water, cleaning and sometimes grooming depending on the breed.
So they are still teaching a child to take responsibility for the pet they are adopting.

5. Guinea pig

two brown and beige guinea pigs 1093126 1

Cute fluff balls that live inside or out.
Guinea pigs are also very compatible with rabbits and they do well living together in the same housing.
Like a Rabbit Guinea pigs are great pets that still require food, water and a clean environment.
Their cute little noises and snuggles keep your child’s attention and love.

6.Mice, Rats or Hamsters

brown rat eating food 2189599

For some the idea of rodents in the house is a no go however, they do make good pets.
Living inside and providing constant entertainment on their exercise wheels. There are so many options for funtastic cages.
These guys are great housepets for a child.
Again kids still have to clean, care and feed them on a daily basis.
Perhaps its time to embrace fear and learn to love a rodent as part of the family? I can guarantee your child will love it.

7. Turtle

photo of small turtle on soil 3753182

Turtles are cool, they are an awesome addition to the house and your kid’s friends will love watching them interact around their tanks.
They are not, however, the easiest pet as they do carry salmonella and cleaning their tanks will be required regularly.
Turtles have long life spans so it is possible that your child or you will still be caring for them long into their high school years.
All that being said when it comes to being a pet, a turtle is up there with the best in my eyes.

8. Tadpole’s

tadpoles on body of water 2538356

Although not a permanent pet tadpoles are a great learning experience for a child. Starting off at the fully aquatic larval stage and developing into the fully grown amphibian known as a frog.
A child can watch every stage of the transition and then release the happy, hopping little critters into your local pond. What an amazing learning opportunity.
On average this process can take 6-9 weeks but it is species dependent.
Tadpole’s are a great test pet to see if your child stays interactive and interested.
It’s a great interactive experience before moving to a more permanent pet.

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9. Chickens

agriculture animal baby beak 286580

Although thought to be only kept on farms, more and more Suburban households are housing chickens in their gardens.
1-2 chickens don’t require a huge amount of space.
Having few cons and tonnes of pros.
Cons include salmonella in their poop, and mess. Chickens love to dig up the garden to get grubs.
They are least messy contained in a hen house with a run, but they do love to free-range if you don’t mind the mess.
Then there’s the pros, 1. Eggs! that’s right we all know happy chickens lay eggs, what a great way for a child to learn where their food comes from.
2. Compost – chickens poop can be converted into garden compost.
3. food scraps – chickens will eat your scraps, no more waste from your kitchen which feels great.
A higher maintenance pet in some ways but overall a huge added value for not only a child but a whole household.

10. Kuni Kuni pig

person holding black pig 3178267

Number 10 only because a larger land space is needed for these guys. Best suited to a rural household Kuni-Kunis are incredibly intelligent, funny, loving and trainable characters.
A popular farm pet for children, providing a lot of good laughs as they are known to be quite cheeky.
More involvement required for housing these guys. They need space, a hut/house, water trough, food and strong fencing if you want them contained.
If you have the space don’t skip past a Kuni Kuni for your child.
It’s an epic experience.

There we have it my best pets for kids list.
Please always thoroughly research a potential pet and all there needs before purchasing.
Also, consider adopting a pet that needs a new home.
Thanks for reading = )

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  1. We have a dog and a cat currently, but my oldest wants a guinea pig now. She’s 5 and we haven’t been sure if she’s ready…

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