Blogging how the first month went for a complete newbie.

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Hi everyone,
I can’t believe its been a month already, wow what a journey!
I decided to write this “Blogging for money’ post. Not only to log my progress but for others to see the reality of creating a blog, with monetizing it in mind.

There is a lot of ‘blogging’ posts out there. Mine isn’t the classic ‘I made heaps of money, here’s how I did it!’, ‘oh and please subscribe’. (Subscriptions are defiantly helpful though haha)

I’m not going to lie, It has been a lot of work! and a huge learning curve in fact.
I’m still surprised by how much I need to do and learn.
I’ve put a lot of hours into designing, niche picking, researching, different accounts, Pinterest, writing and this feels like the tip of the iceberg.

Admittedly I’m loving it! I’m addicted to this process.
I spend countless hours just playing around with plugins and widgets.
Something I knew nothing about a month ago!

Blogging for money how the first month went for a complete newbie.

Let us get down to it then

Now the answer everybody is waiting for……
(or nobody as traffic is currently an issue sigh!)

I have made zero dollars in my first-month blogging for money!
I am in the red $170.00, that’s what I spent setting up my website plus a few security extras.

I now have a lot of doubts, especially when I see “I made $2000.00 in my first-month blogging” popping up on my Pinterest.
I’m starting to think about what am I doing wrong, is it content, writing, niche, website speed or something I haven’t learnt yet!

If anyone feels like throwing this blogger a bone, find something you like, follow me, pin me on Pinterest, like my Facebook page, and if something helped you please leave a comment.
100% It will make my day = )

What am I planning from here?

For anyone reading, I’m not giving up yet. This girl is a fighter!!!!
I didn’t start this blog to make money, although admittedly something would be nice.

Starting this journey was truly to help pet owners and their pets.
Today’s a tough day in my blogging journey, but instead of focusing on the negative issues. I’m going to remind myself of the positives.
I’ve been learning a range of new skills and some blog comments confirm, I am already helping pet owners! So it’s not all doom and gloom.

At this stage, my plan is to persevere on and review again in one month. Hopefully, my next post is full of happy success’s, finger crossed!

Like said earlier, I am also enjoying this process! I’m discovering that I like writing,( not sure if I’m any good yet), but improving that skill and grammar has been a must for years.
I have a new appreciation for writers and bloggers everywhere.
I now know how much work they are putting in.

Until next month…..

I’ll be writing one of these every month. So if you’re wanting to keep track and see how blogging is going for someone with no experience.
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Also, every little bit helps a comment here, viewing my page for longer than 30 seconds haha, and sharing or sending something on makes a dramatic difference.

That concludes my first ‘Blogging’ post. I hope you’ll stick around for more, and any bloggers out there got any advice? Please leave me a comment with any helpful tips.

As Always Thanks to Anyone Reading = )

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As always if you’re here thanks for reading = )

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7 Replies to “Blogging how the first month went for a complete newbie.”

  1. I’m right there with you! I published my blog a month and a half ago. Just wow. It’s so much work and theres still so much to do. Idk if u ever struggle with comparison but I read a post today that said “dont compare yourself to someone who is mid-journey while were at the beginning” makes so much sense. I feel like idk what I’m doing wrong when I see those pinterest posts that claim they made $xxxx their 1st month of blogging! Lol you have comments, that’s a great start! I guess it’s all part of the journey. Stay focused and stay positive, our time will come to see the fruit of our labor 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting, definitely struggle with the comparison. I use it to check if things are looking right haha. I ‘ve dedicated this next month to just focusing on what I enjoy about it all.

  2. Don’t give up! Lower your expectations. You have done a lot more in your first month than most do in a year. You should be proud!

    1. Thank you, I 100% agree lowering my expectations and focusing on the positives is my goal this month. I am enjoying this process overall. So I’m just going to focus on what I am loving about it and the rest will come with time.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment appreciate it = )

  3. Hey, you are awesome and don’t give up. I feel like I’m in the same boat you are. I hate all the “I made $2000 in my first month blogging!” posts. I think they are very much the random exception and not the norm. It’s just awesome that you are actually creating this blog. Just take it one day at a time!

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