Blogging – The Good, Bad And The Ugly Of Month 3!

Hello again, Here we are at month 3!
Find out how blogging on Facebook, SEO and Pinterest have been going.

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My first month of Blogging as a complete newbie.

Month #2 Blogging on WordPress

This last month has been absolutely nuts if I’m being frank. I have gone from such highs to confused lows.

Blogging on Facebook is still a bit of a mystery but I think I might finally be getting somewhere after extensive research, trials and errors.

blogging on facebook

The Good Of Month 3!

Let’s start with the good, my Pinterest traffic exploded! I had several pins go viral and I had over 1000 daily website visits from Pinterest alone for 2 weeks.

I thought id cracked it! it was glorious! I had comments, subscribers, and page views coming out my ears. So cool!

You can see what happened next in the ugly below = ( Sigh!

Continuing with the good I have tripled my income to $3.00 whoop whoop haha. Got to celebrate the milestones.

I have improved my writing skills massively – Admittedly they still need work but improvements good.

Blogging on Facebook – I’m finally getting somewhere, post likes and page followers are increasing which is nice.

I’m helping a lot of owners now which is very exciting, my traffic surge meant that I was helping so many owners and their fur babies. This is my highlight and why I started all this in the first place so yay!

Environmental allergies in dogs

The Bad And Ugly

Lets get these both done together = (

Although I’m waiting for confirmation, I’m pretty sure Pinterest has marked me and some of my posts as SPAM!

I went from thousands of impressions a day to less than 100! within a few hours.

I lost pretty much all my Pinterest traffic, which as you can imagine going from a 1000 daily to 30-50 has been hard to swallow.

I have contacted Pinterest support to find out what I did wrong and if I can fix it. I will update you next month on what happens. Wish me luck!

Blogging on Facebook

I know this was in the good but its also in the bad.

I’ve put a lot of work in with not much action in return. it’s getting there but it is very slow! going.

I even struggle to get the family engaged in my content which doesn’t spell good news. If I can’t even get them to take a look perhaps that’s saying something… Trying not to over-think as I have has some fantastic feedback.

I still enjoy all the funny animal memes however, its a lot of fun finding them and hoping people giggle as much as I do.


I have been working pretty hard on this again with not much action.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I’m ranking for things I didn’t even try to rank for? and not what I did try to.

So confusing but I will persevere perhaps it just takes time and more content – That’s what I’m hoping anyway.

close up photo of dog wearing sunglasses 1629781

Well another month gone, I’m still here and ill be back in another month to give you all my blogging journey update.

Despite the frustrations the highs make it all worth it. Im surprised how much i enjoy all of this and wish id done it sooner.

Also wish id paid more attention in IT class and perhaps taken a course in website coding as that would be so handy right now.

As always, Thanks for reading.

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Can you write a blog on Facebook?

Physically not really, but you can upload your posts and content.

How do I start a blog on Facebook?

1. Create a public figure, or community Facebook page.
2. Choose blogger as your category
3. Connect your blog to the page.
4. Post your content to the page and invite people to your page to view it.

Should I blog on Facebook?

Facebook is a great tool for driving traffic to your website over time. You will need to put work and regular effort in to reep the rewards.