Boxer Dog Facts, 5 Interesting Facts, And Information On The Breed.

Basic Information on Boxer Dogs

Originating from Germany – Munich to be exact – A Boxer Dog is a medium to large breed. They are short-haired with a course tight-fitting coat.

Colour combinations are most commonly fawn, brindled, or white and with or without additional white markings.

The average weight for a boxer dog is:

Average Female Boxer Dog: 25-29kg
Average Male Boxer Dog: 27-32kg

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Boxer Dog Facts #1

Boxers Have One Of The Largest/Widest Tongues of all Dog Breeds.

Currently, the world record is held by a St Bernard but boxers have and are right up there with the longest licks!!

Boxer dog facts

Boxer Dog Facts #2 –

The Oldest Boxer Dog To Live The Longest Was Called Macabee – She Was 16 Years 9 Months old.

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Boxer Dog Facts #3 –

Boxers Tied 43rd Place On The Global Canine Obedience/Intelligence Group – They Tied With A Great Dane.

However this was only decided on Obedience training statistics, so boxer owners can still claim their Boxer fur babies superior intelligence if they want = )

Boxer dog sitting

Boxer Dog facts #4

It Takes Boxers 3 Years To Fully Mature – Some Owners Claim They Never Really Grow Up.

They are considered one of the most playful Breeds.


Boxer Dog Facts #5

Cancer Is the Lead Cause Of Death In Boxer Dogs Leading At 44.8%

Next Is Complications Of The Heart.

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Characteristics Of A Boxer Dog:

Boxers are considered working dogs believe it or not!

One of the first breeds employed as a police dog, and they have been used as seeing-eye dogs.

They are also bred to be companions and guard dogs, best known for their loyalty to family and they are especially curious/fond of children.

What are boxers known for?

Their playful, youthful, sassy personality. Boxers have a lot of personality and character. They are adored by there owners and portray very amusing behaviors for their human owners.

Are boxer dogs dangerous?

Boxers are in the top 20 dangerous dogs. This is because they have a higher recorded rate of biting children than some other breeds.

Why do boxers like to sit on you?

Because Boxers tend to connect so deeply with there owners they want to be close.
Some are happy to sit next to you others need to be on you.

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  1. A good friend of mine has a boxer, and she is the sweetest pup ever! All she wants to do is play and often she’s so excited that her whole butt is wiggling even as she’s getting older lol

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