How To Tell If Your A Crazy Cat Lady

cat lady

Ever wondered where the line between a cat lover and crazy cat lady is?

I normally write about a lot of serious pet stuff but it has been a tough week and it feels right to do something fun.

Please don’t take this too seriously it is meant for a laugh.

Cute cat

1. Your A Cat Photoaholic

Now I’m not talking about the 5 photos you took of your cat looking cute over the last month or so, but if this has become a daily occurrence then your crazy cat lady ranking is high.

If you have more photos of cats on your devices than anything else you might need to tone down your cat furtography.

Even more, crazy cat lady points go to the people that have photos of other people’s cats clogging up their phone memory too.

Balinese Kittens

2. Your Cat/s Have More Luxery’s Than You Do.

We all love to spoil our furbabies but there is a line between sane and insane.

If your cat has multiple beds, brushes, toys, water bowls / fountains, and 20 different types of food in the cupboard, you are definitely an amazing owner and also a crazy cat lady haha.

Maybe clear the cat stuff you have saved in your shopping carts at least for a little while anyway = )

cats are the best pets

3. You Have More Than Two Cats..

You know what they say about 3’s are a crowd, well more than two cats in one household is getting a little bit much.

Cats like their space anyway so stick to two and you can stay behind the cat lady line.

Cat Luxury

4. You Make Things From Your Cats Hair.

Yes people this is a thing and its defiantly in the realm of crazy cat lady.

Do I really need to explain why? just put the cat grooming’s away people.

British Blue Cat

5. Your Cat Has More Followers Than You On Instagram.

I was going to write making them their own account. However, I then realized I follow quite a few cats on Instagram, haha and so I had to change this one.

If your cat’s profile is getting more action than your own, then perhaps its time to just accept your fate and claim you crazy cat lady thrown.

There are worse things to be in life and besides cats are amazing!!

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