Why Is My Cat Staring At Me? Is It Just Curiosity Or Something Else?

Cat Staring

Why is my cat staring at me?

Truth is who really knows why your cat is staring at you? Cats don’t speak our language but we are getting pretty good at understanding theirs.

A cat can stare for many reasons but I have highlighted the most obvious reasons for cat staring in this post.

So let us take a look at some theories, to why your cat is creeping you out.

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Is My Cat Staring At Me For Something?

This is the most likely cause of your cats eye stalking. Check your cat has all its basic needs met.

Food, water, clean litter tray, able to get in their favourite spot and anything else you can think to check.

Cats want to be worshipped and kept happy. They expect you to have all their needs met even before your own. So check all their favorite spot, things and necessities are in order.

Most likely you’ll find something out of place and that will be the answer.

Once you sort whatever is bothering your cat, they will hopefully settle down again.

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Is My Cat Staring Because They Are Feeling Vulnerable?

A reason your cat is staring at you could be because they are feeling threatened.
Cats are smart and they realize you are their protection.

They will come to you when they are scared, anxious, hungry and sometimes in pain.

The truth is there are many reasons your cat could be feeling insecure. But here’s two examples to give you an idea of what to be looking out for.

1. New Cat – A new addition to the neighbourhood, whether it be a stray or someones new pet. This can be extremely stressful for your cat. Especially if they are coming into your cats regular space and spots.

2. Moving furniture around the house – Moving large pieces of furniture can stress a cat or cause confusion. Cats don’t particularly like change. So anything you change annoys them.

Its something that simple, that can throw your cat into a whirlwind of uncertainty.

Try to make changes minimal. talk to neighbours about set times outside and inside so your cat can get used to a new cat being around via smell rather than meeting them face to face.

This isn’t always possible but if you can gradually introduce a new cat into the environment it will be less stressful for your cat.

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Is Curiosity Causing My Cat To Stare At Me?

The old phrase “Curiosity killed the cat”. Yes, your cat could be staring at you because you fascinate them.

Your cat after all doesn’t have a lot else to do with their day. They may enjoy watching you flurry about doing house work and chores simple because they can.

If the weather outside is grim and they don’t feel like sleeping then you are their version of TV, Reality TV in a way haha

Cats are indeed very curious and you are their person. So staring at you entertains them.

Perhaps feel honoured your cats find you that amusing. No matter how creepy your cats staring is.

To Sum Things Up.

Who really knows why your cat is staring? there are a lot of reasons your cat is staring at you.

However, checking off a few of these ideas might put a stop to it. Also knowing you’ve checked your cats vital needs can help you relax that it’s nothing serious.

If your concerned your cats staring is because they are in pain, don’t hesitate to involve your vet.

As always thanks for reading.

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