Why My Dog Gets Itchy In Winter?? 5 Real Reason Why

If you’ve read my Itchy skin posts or my environmental allergies post and your dog gets itchy in winter you might be wondering why?

Some “Winter Itch” posts you’ll read online will steer you away from environmental allergies.
However, this is misleading as yes it can indeed still be environmental even in the middle of winter.

It can also be a lot of things that have nothing to do with the environment. Which is also why finding the Cause of the itch is so important.

Take a look at my 5 “Real” reasons why your dog gets itchy in winter

My Dog Gets Itchy In Winter!

dog gets itchy in winter

Why am I writing this post?

So why have I decided to write this post, again I’ve read too many “Winter Itch” posts and how “dry skin is the problem” and then coconut oil will fix your dog’s skin problems.

Now I’m not coconut oil hater, I use it for myself and my children all the time, but I think we have to be realistic about its abilities to solve complex skin issues.

I think both veterinary workers, and owners wish it was that easy. Maybe for a select few, it will be but the majority are going to have something more complex than just ‘Dry Skin” going on.

dog laying down looking

5 Real Reasons Your Dog Gets Itchy In Winter

#1 Dust Mite Allergy

Your dog gets itchy in winter because they could have an environmental “Dust Mite” allergy.

Dust mites are microscopic and no matter how clean your home is you have them, yep literally everywhere. Carpets, mattresses, blankets, dog bedding, clothing, and more.

If your dog is allergic to dust mites, your dog gets itchier in winter and most likely has been itchy all year round.
However, winter is commonly worse for Dust mite allergy because everybody’s inside more.

# 2 Your Washing Your Dog Too Much

There inside more, getting muddy outside in the rain. Keeping your dog clean feels never ending in the winter.

However how much is too much? see how over-washing your dog can cause skin issues here

# 3 Fleas – Flea Allergy

Fleas can still cause issues in the winter.

Many owners are under the impression fleas go away completely during the winter and forget their pet’s regular preventative treatments. However, this isn’t true fleas can still infest your dog and home during the cooler temperatures.

Always keep your dog protected.

Flea allergy exists too, meaning your dog can also be allergic to fleas causing more drama. See my Flea Allergy Post Here

# 4 Your Dog Has A Food Allergy

Food allergies are always present, but with everyone inside more during winter snacking and cooking delicious meals. Its easy for the dog to get slipped something they wouldn’t normally have.

Food allergies are less common in dogs than environmental ones but when present and flaring they can be a real itchy issue.

If you suspect food allergy see my food allergy trial post here

# 5 Your Dog Is Allergic To You Or The Cat!

That’s right both you and the cat are also potential “environmental allergies”.
If your dog is atopic then these are not out of the question and in fact common.

Again during winter, the dog is inside more and in close proximity to the family more often, therefore if they have an allergy it can flare up or become worse in the winter.

Want more information on environmental allergies find it here in this post.

There we have it 5 real reasons your dog gets itchy in winter. I hope it’s given you some ideas or got you thinking about what the real problem might be.

There really are so many reasons why your dog can be itchy at any time of the year.

I hope this post inspires you to go looking for the Cause! of your dogs skin issues.

Why does my dog get itchy in the winter?

There are many possibilities, finding the cause of your dogs skin issue will not only help you manage it, but potentially prevent it all-together. Talk with your Vet about finding the cause.

How can I relieve my dogs itching?

Take your dog to the vet, they have many medications, and topical treatments to help your dogs itchy skin. Itchy skin can be managed while you look for whats causing it.

What is my dog allergic to in the winter?

Dust mite, Human Dander and Cats are common environmental allergies that cause winter flares. This is because pets are inside more and around these allergens more.