My Dog Is Itchy All The Time. Why? What Can I Do?

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So your dog is itchy all the time? Persistent redness or rash? Constant ear infections? Even if it’s just occasional, or only seasonal, you’ve come to the right place.

If this is the first time your dogs ever been itchy. Then just go and see your vet for a start. Sometimes it can be a simple fix, but other times not.
If your dog is itchy all the time please read on…

I have been a Veterinary Nurse working in the industry for over 11years now! Wow that went fast.
The last 3 years I have been working in a Special Interest Dermatology clinic for small animals, Hense why this is my kind of topic.

No, I am not claiming to be “The Guru” in this subject. I have my opinion, experiences and knowledge in small animal dermatology.

That opinion is based on the wonderful people I work with and learn from. They are amazing at what they do.
Love you guys xx

My dog is itchy all over his body,
My dog is itchy all the time? Help me

Why I’ve decided to write this post

I’ve read too many articles like, ‘My dog is itchy all the time’ and ‘How coconut oil will solve your dog’s itchy skin issue’.

So let’s sort this out Now!
No, coconut oil won’t fix a dog’s skin issue, and neither will Tumeric! It might help but it is not going to fix the cause.
Ok Rant over.

I have debated writing and releasing this”Dog Is Itchy All The Time” post 100 times.

As to cover this topic the way I would like, I need about 50 other detailed posts to link to it.

I’m working on it, so please keep checking in. It is only going to get better and better and I’m quite excited. I’m passionate about getting “Real” information online and available to owners.

My Dog Is Itchy All The Time Help!

Right enough chit chat lets get to it!

Why is my dog itchy? Well, this post isn’t going to solve that question straight away, and neither will searching Dr Google.

However, I hope that this post will encourage you to start the process, In finding the CAUSE of your fur babies itchy skin, and then ultimately solving the issues.

Sometimes there is no cure,

skin is tricky, but it can be

managed well.

Once your done reading this you should check out these posts as they are all things that work towards finding the CAUSE of the itch!

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Women massaging dogs skin

Skin disease in dogs is so diverse and there truly are many reasons why your dog could be itchy!
Yes some are easyish and others are not.

I’m talking about the not so easy cases in this post.
If you’ve found this it’s likely because your pet is in the not so easy category.

Eg: they have had more than one flare, you’ve already tried a few different options, and the issues returned.

I’m sorry, this isn’t going to be solved overnight, or by one Vet clinic visit.
Believe me when I speak for all of us, we wish we could fix this in 15mins, for you and your pooch!

So I’m assuming you have already been to your vet.
You’ve tried some medications, these have worked or helped temporarily.
That was great! But now the itch is back again.

You’re stressed-out, you feel like you’ve already spent a small fortune and watching your red or itchy fur baby tear themselves apart again! Is not fun!

This is how most owners arrive at our clinic. They are upset, burnt out and fed up!

We hear you and we are empathetic this is happening.
It sucks!
We understand and truly want to help you. So remember to be nice ; )

Cute Husky with owners hands

How can I start finding the cause to my dogs itchy skin then?

Surprise surprise Go to see your vet! Except this time, be ready to ask some questions. Let them know what worked and for how long.

Tell them you want to go further into this.
This is what they are there for and skin takes time.
So prepare to be patient.

You have to remember, time-wise your vet is like your GP, they typically get 15mins with you and your dog.

Then let us be frank, your hoping/expecting them to solve your dog’s issue in that 15mins.
You want something that’s going to make the rash/itch go away, like yesterday! and never come back.

Unfortunately, that is not always realistic, especially with more complicated skin disease’s.

Yes, your vet can treat the symptoms in those 15 mins and make a bloody good start on hunting down the cause (Vets are amazing). Time Is needed to find the cause.

When you book your appointment, let the receptionist know It’s a skin consult. Some clinics will purposefully block out extra time with the vet. This means they have more time to examine and talk to you about your dog’s skin.

No doubt, your vet has probably tried to talk about some potential causes.
They recommended starting some trials, cytology, or even some lab work. Now its time to go back and take them up on those recommendations.

If your budgets tight tell them, talk about spacing the work out over time, so gradually you can afford it.
Finding the cause will most likely save you money in the long run anyway.

Let Them Know You Want To Dig Further Into The Issue.

If it’s needed, they will offer you a referral to an animal dermatology clinic, like the one where I work.

I can not recommend a Derm Clinic more, they are literally there, like human derm clinics, to find the cause and solve the whole picture.
We are focused solely on that niche so it is a great option.

However, not everyone’s budget can afford a referral to a derm clinic.

So go see your vet tell them your dog is itchy all the time again.
Why?, What Should I Do?. and Why does this keep coming back?

In conculusion

When you started reading this, you were probably hoping for some magical fix and I’m so sorry I can’t give you that.

I would love nothing more than for coconut oil or turmeric to be the answer but unfortunately it’s not!

Like I said at the beginning, this post will only get better.
I am writing about skin in other posts and can link them in, to help give you more information soon.

So save it somewhere and know that I’m typing as fast as I can!!

As Always thanks for reading xx

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What can I give my dog for itchy skin?

Your Vet has many medications and topical treatments for various skin conditions. Please always take your pet and their itchy skin to your vet.

How can I get my dog to stop scratching?

Find the cause of there itchy skin. Take your dog to the vet and start a plan on finding out what is causing your dog to itch.
Your vet will have many medical options to help give your dog relief immediately. However, finding the cause of the itch is key.

Why is my dog so itchy but has no fleas?

Not all skin itch or conditions are caused by fleas. Your dog for example can also be allergic to its environment or food sources.
The could have an underlying medical condition.
Take your dog to see your vet asap.

What causes severe itching in dogs?

Skin is very diverse there are so many reasons why. Some examples of severe itching are food, environmental, and flea allergies.
Also many other medical conditions can cause itchy skin, please always take your animal to a vet and find the cause of their itchy skin.