Dog Skin Lumps 3 Types That Are Benign – Not Cancer.

Following my post on dog skin cancers, I decided it would be nice to link and point out that not all dog skin lumps are cancer.

Some lumps are benign and less harmful than a skin cancer.

Dog Skin Lumps

Different Types Of Benign Lumps


Lipomas are formed from excess fatty tissues. These dog skin lumps form under the skin and are often easily manipulated and moved.

Feeling obviously fat-like, these lumps are generally harmless.

They present as small lumps that can grow quickly. They are non- cancerous and generally don’t need to be removed.

However, surgery is sometimes needed if the lipoma grows too large, or is in an awkward spot on the dog’s body, and therefore is inhibiting movements or irritating the dog.

Sebaceous cyst

A common non-cancerous lump. Sebaceous cysts can be found all over the body. When a sebaceous cyst gets blocked it can become fluid-filled and inflamed.

Often the small dog skin lumps or bumps contain liquid. They are slow-growing and generally harmless. Looking very similar to a pimple.

Sometimes in severe cases, the cysts need to be drained regularly or removed if becoming a constant problem.

Skin Tags

Made from collagen, blood vessels, and surrounded by skin. Skin tags are often small and look like warts.

These harmless dog skin lumps, don’t generally cause the dog any issues.

Owners sometimes prefer to have them removed for cosmetic reasons, or if they are rubbing, ripping, and bleeding regularly.

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In Conclusion

Lipomas, Sebaceous Cysts, and Skin tags are all types of non-cancerous dog skin lumps and bump dogs can get.

All generally don’t need treatment or removal unless rubbing, bleeding or causing the dog discomfort.

If you find a lump on your dog always have it checked by your vet as not all lumps are benign.

See my Skin Cancer in Dogs post here: for more information on potentiality harmful lumps your dog can get.

As Always thanks for reading.

What are the bumps on my dog’s skin?

Bumps are often a sebaceous cyst. A blocked sebaceous cyst is basically like a small pimple.

Are cancer lumps on dogs hard or soft?

Generally hard, However all lumps soft or hard should be checked by your vets.

When should I worry about a lump on my dog?

Any lump on your dog needs to be checked. All lumps have the potential to be something harmful like a skin cancer. Always get them checked to confirm they are harmless.

What does a cancer lump look like on a dog?

Cancer lumps can appear all over a dogs body. Often hard feeling, sometimes with crusts.
Appearing ulcerated and lesion like is particularity common of skin cancers.
All lumps on your dog need to be checked by your vet to rule out potentially harmful skin cancers.