Tips To Manage A Dog With Skin Problems.

So you have a dog with skin problems? whether its chronic, seasonal, or random.
I have 5 tips on how you can better manage your dog with skin problems.

dog with skin problems

Dog with skin problems? 5 tips to manage it long term.

#1 – Wash Them Less.

That’s right washing less is better especially a dog with skin problems?
Why do you ask?

Well, washing with soaps and shampoos actually strips away important oils from the skin, leaving the skin barrier even more vulnerable.

Skin conditions like Atopy (Environmental Allergies) target the skin barrier trying to break it down and cause problems. So for a dog with skin problems, any way you can help their skin barrier function better will go a long way.

See my post on why washing your dog less is better here.

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#2 – Feed Them Well.

A dog with skin problems needs a good diet. The skin needs feeding and it needs to be good nutrition.

Certain diets have been designed to feed the skin barrier and help keep it as strong as possible.

Also sticking with diets that have low combinations of protein sources is good.
If a food allergy is a potential issue in your pooch, they will most likely be allergic to a meat protein source. So keeping the number of meat sources low is always a good idea.

My recommendation would be Royal Canin Skin Support, it is designed to feed the skin barrier and the protein sources are lower than most other pet foods.

If you are worried about food allergies in your dogs or want to learn more see my post here.

Also see my post on common misleading information about veterinary recommended dry foods.

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#3 Find The Cause!

This is almost the most important. FIND THE CAUSE of a dogs skin problems.

Don’t waste time trying this and that remedy. Go and see your vet. Make a start on finding out what is causing your dog’s skin problems.

Is it a food allergy? is it the environment? Is it a medical condition? If you don’t go looking you’ll forever be in the dark and dealing with skin flares and problems.

Clearing up infections and placing them on management medication is great for temporary relief but finding the cause means you can manage or potentially fix their skin issue.

See the first post I wrote about skin problems in dogs and where I started what I now call the problem skin journey.

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#4 Keep Them Protected Against Fleas And Mites.

Regular prevention and keeping your pet parasite-free is cheaper than a vet looking for them and when you have to deal with an infestation.

A dog that has an allergy to fleas doesn’t need much exposure to cause a skin flare.

“So even if your dog has never had fleas” Just because you haven’t seen them on their skin doesn’t mean they haven’t been exposed to them in the environment.

Always use a veterinary recommended product, most OTC products from general stores just don’t cut the mustered unfortunately, especially for a dog with skin problems.

See my more detailed post on why flea prevention is so important especially for a dog with skin problems.

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#5 Be Wary Of Dr. Google

Last but not least, now I know google is probably how you found me haha so this is strange to write.

Anyway, the reason I started this blog was that so many owners and patients we see have read false and misleading information online, this has then delayed them from going to see there vet.

Always see your vet and trust their advice they trained for 5 years minimum and probably have a huge student loan hanging over their head.

You can always use Google to find your local small animal skin clinic, there are vets that solely train and deal with skin all day every day. Find them and get working on what the cause! of your dog’s skin problems are!

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In Conclusion

#1 Wash your dog less,
#2 Feed them good nutrition,
#3 Find the cause of your dogs skin problem,
#4 keep them protected against fleas and parasites.
#5 Please be wary of Dr.Google and see your vet first!

I hope you have found this helpful and it has inspired you to start finding the cause of your dog’s skin problem.

As always thanks for reading.

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How do you treat a dog with skin problems?

First finding the cause of the issue is key. Skin is diverse and many skin conditions exist.
Finding which condition your dog has is important. Then treatments and management can be discussed.

What does dog dermatitis look like?

It presents as redness, rash, and scabs across the dogs body. It is often very itchy.

What is the best treatment for a dog with skin allergies?

Depending on which allergies it is. Food allergies once confirmed through a true food elimination trial can then be avoided.
Skin allergies to the environment – there is only one treatment immunotherapy. However there are many management medications available from your vet also.