Homemade Dog Food – The Danger Behind Creating A Doggie Diet

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Homemade Dog Food, the veterinary industry deal with the repercussions of these diets, almost on the daily and try to educate owners.

People combining different combinations of raw meats and other ingredients to create a so-called ‘natural alternative’ to veterinary recommended dog foods.

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Now I will probably get a lot of backlash for this post as doggie diet creators are very passionate people.

They love their pets and truly believe they are doing the best by putting more time and effort into making their dogs diet from scratch. I admire their passion, and love for their dogs.
I know they want the best and in our ever-changing human diet fads, it’s no surprise this is happening.

So this has inspired me to write this post to try and educate owners about the dangers of attempting to create a diet from home or dive into raw feeding.

homemade dog food

Homemade Dog Food Danger #1

The diet is not balanced. Dogs need the right balance of nutrients to support their individual needs. There are 6 major nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.

These nutrients are essential to supporting their life and health. They provide them with energy and the building blocks for repair and growth.

For example, there is a current trend to feed grain-free or move to a meat-only / raw diet.
Unless your dog has a proven grain allergy which is uncommon and can only be determined through a true food elimination trial.

Don’t take grains out of their diet. Grains are a highly digestible carbohydrate and protein source for dogs. They cause far fewer allergies than meat protein sources.
There is no need to deny your dog something they need.

Homemade Dog Food Danger #2

Bacteria in your home! Now, this one is truly frightening I have seen recent studies showing the growth of multi-resistant bugs growing in the homes of raw/dog food makers.

The findings shocked and scared me, the number of horrid bugs growing on both the owners and their homes was just ugh (gag!)

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Homemade Dog Food Danger #3

The so called “natural”

There is a reason raw dog food mincemeat is cheaper. Let us be realistic. The prime cow from the paddock goes to human-grade meat.

Unless they’re claiming its human-grade meat, let us be realistic. It has been mixed up for dog food because it wasn’t fit for human consumption.

I know people do home-made diets from a place of love and I never judge, I just want to educate owners and warn them of the dangers.

Homemade Dog Food Danger #4

Health issues in your dog.

The consequences, health-wise can be astronomical.

For many years homemade diets have cause issues like foreign bodies (Rawbone blockages), Bone bowel perforations, Malnutrition, Skin disease from lack of vitamins, and it still brings me to tears but cases of Rickets!! (calcium deficiencies) which just should not happen in 2020!!

All consequences of raw/homemade diets.

So Please I beg you to really really think about what you are doing and what truly is best for your dog!!!

My advice is always to talk to your vet and use science-based nutrition that has been proven to be beneficial and balanced for your fur baby.

Love From,
A very tired, frustrated, and loving vet nurse. Who has seen too many cases of severe illness, due to homemade dog foods.

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