Why Is My Dog Chewing His Feet?

Why is my dog chewing his feet? Another great topic for the “Problem Skin Journey”

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my dog chewing his feet
Why Is My Dog Chewing His Feet

So Let Us Get Right To The Point.

There are many reasons or multiple ones at once, to be honest.
yeast, bacteria, mites, and confirmation issues can all lead to itchy paws/feet.

The question you really need to be asking and answering is whats causing the symptoms.
Itchy feet is likely just the symptom of an underlying skin condition.

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Make Sure Your Dog Is Mite Free

One easy reason and fix could be mites. In the clinic where I work almost every case receives a good flea/mite treatment. As treating is cheaper than going looking with diagnostics.

Make sure you use a good product. OTC, general store products just don’t cut the mustard. You need a veterinary recommended product. The one we always turn to is Bravecto.

A bravecto Chew to be specific as it has a claim for mites. I highly recommend making sure you have ruled mites and fleas out, by using an effective product.

Skin Conditions That Can Commonly Cause My Dog Chewing His Feet

Like I said at the beginning of this post, Yeast, and bacteria infections make feet itchy. They need to be treated by your vet properly. However, they are often just a symptom of the underlying cause.

Allergies are often the most common cause of itchy skin. If you’ve ruled out fleas, mites, and don’t over-groom your dog. you can find my post on over-grooming here:

Then you can check out my allergy posts below. Both go into detail about allergies in dogs, whether they are caused by food, environment, or sometimes even both!

Environmental allergies

Food Allergies

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Confirmation Issues Can Cause Itchy Feet To.

Some breeds in particular are prone to this. Bulldogs, Pugs, Corgi’s, and Dachshunds.

If the paws/feet are misshapen, under excessive pressure, and parts of the pads that shouldn’t normally are contacting the ground due to poor conformation.

Then this can cause rubbing, pressure sores, interdigital cysts, and then from there infection makes its way in.

Bacteria and yeast infections, again being the symptom of poor conformation (The Cause).

So what can you do?
It is tricky but not hopeless you will most likely need to look more at management options with your vet or veterinary dermatologist. Here are some tips I can give you to think about.

If your animal is overweight, weight loss can help take the pressure off the pads.

Booties can be worn when exercising to help protect the pads and prevent broken skin leading to infections.

In severe cases, surgery may be an option to change the shape of the paws/feet leading to better conformation.

However, you need your vet or a veterinary dermatologist to confirm this is the cause. You must rule out allergies and mites as well.

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In Conclusion

Why Is My Dog Chewing His Feet. You now know its likely multiple reasons. Yeast and bacteria infections are the symptom from most commonly an underlying skin issue.

You may have started reading this post hoping I was going to give you a simple hack like apple cider vinegar spray followed by coconut oil.

Well If I thought that was actually going to work I would have written a post about it. Enough said really.

I hope this post has inspired you to go looking for the cause of your dogs itchy feet through your vet or better a Veterinary dermatologist.

As always thanks for reading and good-luck finding the cause xx

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