My Dog Has Upset Stomach Episodes Why? What Should I Do?

If your dog has upset stomach issues regularly, It could be food allergies. Regular upset stomach episodes are a common symptom of food allergies in dogs.

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My Dog Has Upset Stomach Episodes – What Are Food Allergies?

A Food allergy Is an immune system reaction, usually occurring after a dog eats certain types of food.
Common allergies include protein sources from meat. Grain allergies do exist but are uncommon in dogs.

Allergies are formed early in a dog’s life, as they are growing, and exploring different foods and meat sources.

What Are The Signs Of Food Allergy, Other Than My Dog Having An Upset Stomach?

Upset tummy or gastro symptoms are a sign of food allergies, but they are not the only one.

Also common is skin issues and flares. These include ear infections. Ear problems are indeed skin problems.

A common misunderstanding is that ears are separate from skin problems. Ears are in fact bone and cartilage covered by “Skin”.

Constant anal gland problems can indeed be caused by food allergies also.

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What Can I Do When My Dog Has Upset Stomach Episodes?

The best thing you can do during an episode is to move your dog to a plain simple diet. Something that doesn’t have multiple protein sources in it.

Often recommended is boiled chicken and rice. However, your vet has many diets available and designed to aid a dogs upset tummy. The best option is to talk to your vet and have your dog examined.

Also, make sure your dog has good access to water. Gastro episodes can be dehydrating on a dog’s body. Access to plenty of fresh water is essential if your dog has upset stomach symptoms.

dog hasupset stomach

How Can I Find Out If My Dog’s Stomach Problems Are Food Allergies?

The best way to determine if your dog has a food allergy or multiple is to perform a food elimination diet trial.

I have written an in-depth post about how to complete a diet trail which you can take a look at here: Performing a true food elimination trial on your dog.

Be wary of trying grain free or raw diets to try and determine or help a food allergy. Not only are they expensive but they aren’t likely to help.

Grain allergies are uncommon in dogs and your dog is most likely going to be allergic to a meat protein source. Therefore moving to raw diets that contain multiple minced meat options will not help either.

Even moving to a single protein source won’t help. Often meats are cross-contaminated through manufacturing and preparations with other meat sources.

Luckily your vet will have diet options for you to perform a true food elimination trial on your dog correctly. These diets are created specifically and are balanced so your dog does not miss out on any key nutrients that they need.

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