Popular dog breeds Of 2020 and why they are so loved.

Humans falling in love with their favorite breed is the best! However, some are more popular than others, below is a list of some of the popular dog breeds 2020 and why they are so loved.

People have many reasons for owning a certain breed of dogs, for example, looks, health, lifespan, and personality traits within the dog breed. Check out what makes these the best below.

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Popular Dog Breeds 2020 #1 Labrador

A happy, hungry, family-friendly breed. Labradors are very intelligent, used for various services like blind dogs, customs patrol, and search & rescue.

Labradors have held the top spot for dog breeds, for almost 30 years now!
I’ve noticed over the years working in Veterinary medicine. Out of all breeds, Labradors tend to have the most family members present at vet appointments.

Family members become very attached to this breed and they truly are the ultimate family dog! Watch out for their high energetic personalities. This breed loves to play and eat! They are extremely food driven and easy to train with treats.

There also known to clear a coffee table or two with their happy tails so you’ve been warned.

Popular dog breeds 2020

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Popular Dog Breeds 2020 #2 German Shepherd

Originating from Germany. The German shepherd is renowned for their services to the police. They are incredibly loyal and intelligent.

They also know how to be strong and fierce when needed.

German shepherd laying in feild

Like many other breeds, they are eager to please their owners. Which makes them easy to train and very lovable.

However, they do have aggressive personality traits. This is what makes them ideal for the police force and other services.
With the right training, love, and care they can also become a great family pet.

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Popular Dog Breeds 2020 #3 Golden Retriever

It’s not surprising this fun-loving fluffy dog is in the top five dog breeds!
Golden retrievers are great family pets and also used as service dogs like the other breeds in this list.

Golden retriever

They are an extremely loyal and happy dog.
Unfortunately being susceptible to various cancers this breed doesn’t have the highest of longevity when comparing with some other breeds.

Like a labrador, these guys tend to have higher numbers of family members involved with clinic appointments and their daily activities.
Because retrievers are so way to love its no wonder they are number 3!

Popular Dog Breeds 2020 #4 Bulldog

This breed is oozing with personality and charisma. English, Spanish and French bulldogs are cuddly, loving, low exercising bundles of cuteness.

French bulldog laying down

Unfortunately, the breed is plagued with health issues ranging from breathing difficulties, skin and eye issues.
That aside they are continuing to make great family pets.
These guys are loved all over the world.

Popular Dog Breeds 2020 #5 Beagle

With an amazing sense of smell its no wonder these guys are often trained into sniffer dogs and they are so good at it.

However, their noses can get them into all sorts of trouble, as beagles are known for being a bit mischievous.
Beagles are big fans of their food and can be prone to gain weight if not restricted to a good diet.

Beagle laying down

Their mischievous side can make them more challenging to train.
However, their love and drive for food means that owners have a great motivating tool to encourage these smart, cute, entertaining bundles of energy to get involved.

So there you have the 2020s most popular dog breeds and why they are so loved.

As always thanks for reading.

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