Tips to make lockdown fun!


Now I normally write about animals but seeing as we are In unprecedented times I thought I’d branch out and try something new.
Here in NZ, we have already been in alert level 4 (lockdown) for 15 days due to the covid19 pandemic.
We have a larger bubble of 5 adults and two children due to many reasons which I won’t bore everyone with.
I thought id share some of our ideas on my top tips to make the lockdown fun!

1. Cook something out of the normal

Whether you’re in a bigger bubble-like us or even just two, try something different. With take-away services now closed, we found we were missing some of our favourites.
So why not give them a go? what have you got to lose? here are some examples of what we have tried making from scratch Nann bread, taco’s, bread, pretzels, doughnuts and sushi. It’s been great fun exploring new recipes and trying something out of the norm.

2. Have a themed evening.

Have a theme night once a week – do it! all parties are off the table at the moment so why not get creative at home.
Even if there is just two of you why not invite your friends to join you on zoom or house party dressed in their finest.
We have had two themes already the first week, we just got dressed up in something nice, last week was Great Gatsby poker night and this week is Island night.
You can go crazy with house decorations, themed games and food.
Go ahead and create an event on Facebook then invite your bubble to the living room for a laugh ; )
It makes Saturday nights fun and gives you all something to look forward to during the working from home week.

3. Games and movie nights

Whether it be board game night, card game night or a movie night. set a schedule or decide in advance together so there is a plan something to look forward to or talk about within your bubble.
There is no excuse everyone has time for a competitive game of monopoly! so get amongst it.

4. Get fit together!

There has never been a better time to try get fit, exercise is a great feel-good it releases endorphins and helps fight cabin fever.
If you need inspiration here are some of the at-home exercises we’ve been giving a go.

dreamstimefree 6915515
Group of women doing fitness exercise with big ball. They’re looking at camera. Side view.
  • Group yoga in the living room or garden. – there are so many tutorials on youtube, find one you all like and enjoy. We have had some great laughs discovering who is and isn’t very flexible.
  • Crossfit course – we have created our very own CrossFit routine in the garden and blasted some good tunes while we all sweat it out. It’s easy to decide on some exercise’s, create the stations, decide on how long each exercise will be done for, and then go for it!
  • Youtube high-intensity short workouts – There are so many 5-10min high intensity works outs to just blast off some energy and fight the cabin fever. Have a scroll through the many options you are bound to find something you like.
  • Blast some tunes and dance – Great with the kids turn it up loud and burn some calories while having some fun.

5. Start a new hobbie

Ever tried painting a landscape or colouring a numbered picture in? well now is your opportunity to give it a go.
All you need is paper, paint or colouring pencils, hell even the kids crayons will do!
There are so many printable pictures available online for colouring in or why not have a go at painting a landscape from google images?
You’ll be surprised how relaxing it is! and the kids can join in too.

There we have it, I hope this can inspire some of you to get involved and embrace being on lockdown.
As always, thanks for reading.

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