The top 5 cat breeds from around the world and what we like about them.

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Thinking of getting a cat or just curious to see if your favorite cat breeds are in the top 5!
With so many people choosing to have a cat as a pet, I felt it was a good idea to put some information on the top 5 cat breeds from around the world and what we like about them.
Check out the top 5 list below = )

1. Siamese

A vocal breed originating from Thailand. The Siamese is a beautiful breed and their coats can be an incredible range of colours
Hundreds of years ago, Siamese cats were treasured by royal families in Thailand because of their distinctive, unusual, and beautiful appearances.
Like their families, they were in a temple and being pampered by monks and priests. It’s no wonder they are at the top of the 5 breeds from around the world!

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2. Persian

Known as the flat-faced breed, Persian’s are fluffy balls of fun. Their long thick coats require regular grooming and maintenance.
This breed has been in the top 5 breeds for decades and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.
They come in many colours and have a loving cuddly personality.

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3. Maine Coon

These guys are a large breed and one of my personal favourites.
Don’t let their size intimidate you, Main-coons are the gentlest of giants and have an impressively thick fluffy coat. They are fierce hunters in almost all conditions and interestingly also have a tendency to grow extra toes!

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4. Ragdoll

Another personal favourite and if only up to me they would be at the top of the best cat breeds.
Their gorgeous blue eyes get me every time, some would say this breed is more like a dog than a cat.
These very affectionate, and semi-long coat fluff balls are great for a family.
Looking like a longer haired siamese its no wonder they are so popular.

Rag doll Cat

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5. Bengal

If you are wanting a cute, calm cuddly cat then the Bengal is not for you. These guys not only look wild but have a lot of energy!
Again another vocal breed also. Their beautiful patterns make them stand out from the rest. Let me tell you there is never a dull day with a Bengal in the house ; )

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There we have it the top 5 cat breeds from around the world and what we like about them. No matter the breed all cats are amazing pets.
If you are looking at adding a new furry addition to your family please also consider going to your local SPCA or Shelter and giving an abandoned cat an amazing home = )

As always thanks for reading

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  1. My cats aren’t on here. They are 2 tuxedos. One white, with grey tabby in her fur. A semi feral cat grey tabby with auburn color fur. They are all small and precious fur angels!!!!

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