Australian Dog Names 60+ Adorable Themed Names to Choose From.

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Do you need a name for your new pooch? Check out these Australian dog names. You’re bound to find an outback name for your ball of fur.

Dog Names By Place In Australia

Sydney – Capital of New South Wales, Australia

Melbourne – Capital of Victoria, Australia

Brisbane – (or Brizzie) Capital of Queensland Australia.

Perth – Popular city on the southwestern corner of Australia.

Adelaide – Large Australian city, Adelaide is a beautiful name for a female dog.

Canberra – the capital city of Australia.

Tasmania – an island state of Australia.

Hobart – the capital city of Tasmania.

Uluru – also known as Ayers Rock, It is a large sandstone rock formation.

Kakadu – Northern Territory of Australia.

Bondi – as in Bondi Beach, a popular beach in Australia.

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Australian Themed Dog Names

Native Aboriginal Inspired Australian Dog Names

Amarina – rain

Coorah – woman

Jarrah – eucalyptus tree

Karri – another type of eucalyptus tree

Kiah – from the beautiful place

Kolya – winter

Kylie – boomerang

Mandu – the sun

Mani – equal

Miki – the moon

Nioka – green hills

Talia – near water

Youri – to hear

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Australian Dog Names That Are Unique.

Aussie: Describes someone from Australia.

Bindi: Popularized by Bindi Irwin, daughter of “The Crocodile Hunter” and a television and movie star.

Coral: The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world.

Didgeridoo: The popular woodwind instrument created by the aboriginal people of Australia.

Dingo: A wild dog exclusive to Australia.

Emu: The national bird of Australia..

Hugh: The multi-talented Hugh Jackman hails from Sydney.

Kangaroo: An animal and icon of Australia.

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Aussie Slang Themed Australian Dog Names

Arvo (afternoon)

Barbie (barbeque)

Bro- Brother or a friend

Croc – Crocodile

Choccy (chocolate)

Grommet (young surfer)

Joey (baby kangaroo)

Mate (friend)

Oz (shortened version of Australia)

Postie (postman)

Sheela – A Woman or adult female

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Random And Food-Related Australian Dog Names.

Barramundi: A delicious fish popular in Australia.

Chiko: A popular Australian Egg roll-like snack.

Jaffa: A popular candy in Australia and New Zealand.

Lamington: A cake popular across the country of Australia.

Pavlova: A New Zealand original dessert that the Aussies stole as their own, It is meringue mixed with fruit.

Scooner – A glass size, a beer is served in.

TimTam: An Australian-exclusive biscuit.

Vegemite: One of Australia’s best-known spreads for toast.

That’s the end of my Australian themed dog names.

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