Cats Are The Best Pets To Have And 15 Reasons To Explain Why

Cats are the best pets to have.
They are amazing for so many fun reasons. However, I couldn’t make this post an essay about cats! So instead I have compiled my favorite 15 things to explain why.

Take a look below to see why and learn some fun facts about cats = )

Cats Are The Best Pets To Have #1 – They’re Excellent companions

Cat snuggles are the best! It is also the most convenient excuse for not getting up off the couch. If you are looking for company cats are a great choice!

best pets to have

Cats Are The Best Pets To Have #2-
They’re Super Clean!

Cats groom themselves, They smell-less, and cats are a cleaner pet to have around the home, win-win!
This is one of the many reasons to get a cat.

Cat kneading blanket

Cats Are The Best Pets To Have #3 –
They’re Easy To Maintain.

Are cats easy pets? Yes! They’re great at exercising and entertaining themselves. Happier to be left alone and with the added clean factor! low maintenance is their middle name.

cute cat staring

Cats Are The Best Pets To Have #4 –
They Prefer To Observe Guests From Afar.

Unlike other pets (cough, cough!) Dogs, cats will not rush at your guests or try humping their leg. Instead, a cat will hang back and decide if your guest is worthy of their attention.

Cat with crown

Cats Are The Best Pets To Have #5 –
They Generally Live Longer.

Having a cat can mean more time together.
With an average life span of 15 years, cats tend to stick around longer compared to other common house pets.

Bengal cat

Cat Are The Best Pets To Have #6 –
They can hear and smell while they’re sleeping.

How cool is that!! I mean come on, no explanation needed. Its just epic on its own.
I hope by now having a cat as a pet, is high on your to do list.

Cats yawning and sleeping

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Cat Are The Best Pets To Have #7 –
Ideal For Living In Apartments

Cats are perfect for keeping your neighbors happy. As they’re a quiet pet, and happy to entertain themselves. Cats make great apartment flat-mates.

cute cat staring up at camera

Cats Are The Best Pets To Have #8 –
Help Prevent Allergies In Children.

Studies have shown that if exposed from a young age. Children are less likely to develop allergies to cats.

Also having one in the house help teach them how to take care of a cat, it is a great life experience for a child.

Siamese cats kissing

Cats Are The Best Pets To Have #9 –
They Exercise Themselves

When able cats are happy to use a kitty door and exercise themselves.
How can you not be convinced cats are the best!!

Maine-coon in the snow

Cats Are The Best Pets To Have #10
No Going To Work Guilt Needed.

No need to feel guilty, cats are more than happy to be bored. They will happily sleep up to 15 + hours a day!

Cat laying on belly looking cute

Cats Are The Best Pets To Have #11 –
They Groom Themselves

No grooming bills, cats clean themselves. Saving you precious $$ and an added bonus they smell less than other popular house pets.

Admittedly the longer-haired breeds do need a bit of brushing.

Two Cats Grooming Eachother

Cats Are The Best Pets To Have #12 –
Supposedly Better For The Environment.

They are apparently a more eco-friendly pet to have in your house. This being said some research has stated both cats and dogs still have an equal carbon footprint to a car!!

white and grey kitten smelling white daisy flower 1472999

Cats Are The Best Pets To Have #13 –
Easy To Potty Train.

Training a kitten to do there business in a litter tray is easy.
Cats like to be clean and private. So potty training can be a breeze with all the right conditions set in place.

cat laying in basket

Cats Are The Best Pets To Have #14 –
Help Keep Your Property Pest Free.

Its known that cats like to hunt. If your looking for a way to keep the rodents away cats are once again are an awesome choice.

grey and white long coated cat in middle of book son shelf 156321 1

Cats Are The Best Pets To Have #15 –
There adorable purring is also therapeutic.

Research show cats purring while sitting on their owners lowers blood pressure. Therefore making cats good for your health also!

Cat holding a sign

Need I say no more, 15 reasons was already more than enough to prove that cats are in fact the best pet!
I know dog lovers will probably never agree, but can’t blame a girl for trying ; )

As always, thanks for reading

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