Consequences Of Over-Grooming Explained, How to Wash A DogThe Right Way.

how wash dog

How Wash Dog

Owners love caring for their dog’s needs, however, we tend to over humanize our furry friends.

I want to explain Why owners should wash their dogs less and what the consequences of overwashing are.

How often do you wash your dog?
With so many lotions and potions on the market to make dogs smell like all sorts of flavours and treat various skin conditions.

Owners are over grooming their pets!
What I’m about to tell you may sound crazy but washing your dog less is better!

However, before we start, if your animal is under the treatment of a veterinarian and/or an Animal dermatologist then their treatment plan and advice is best.

Certain skin conditions may require regular washing with a prescribed shampoo, please always follow your Vets advice first.

Chihuhua dog being washed
how wash dog

The information I’m giving is based on my opinion.
Having worked in the veterinary industry for over 10 years, the last 2 of those being in a special interest dermatology clinic.

I’m here to tell you why washing less frequently is better for your best friend.

1. Shampoo and soap/s

Strip away your pets natural oils and skin barrier protection. This leaves the skin dry and more vulnerable to UV damage, atopic skin flares, infections and more

2. If your dog has a skin condition already

washing frequently with the wrong product may cause the skin to get worse and make flares more severe.

3. Human shampoo and soap/s

Are too strong for dogs always use a veterinary recommended shampoo designed for your animal.

4. Drying

Rubbing, towel drying or using a hairdryer irritates the hair follicles.

5. Pet smells bad all the time?

If Your pet is needing to be washed regularly because they smell bad all the time, it could potentially be because they have an underlying skin condition that needs your vet’s attention.

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how wash dog

Washing your dog too frequently with the wrong products can cause skin irritations to develop. This can confuse owners into thinking something is wrong with their dog’s skin when in reality they are just over washing them.

Don’t get me wrong washing your dog less is best but that doesn’t mean you need to leave them covered in mud or smelling up your home!!

Wash your

pet the right way!

1. Less is best

Only wash your fur baby when needed eg: they have rolled in something foul as dog’s love to do occasionally

2. Always use a pet friendly product

Always use a product recommended by your vet or a professional.
Pet shampoos exist and are available at your local pet stores and vet clinics.

3. Rinse well with water

Rinse them well with water
Make sure you rinse all the product off their skin this can take 5-10 mins of rinsing to achieve, Leaving the product on the skin to dry can cause irritations

4. Let them dry all natural

If you can let them air dry naturally, pick a nice warm day to wash your best friend, pat the excess water off using a towel and then leave them to dry all-natural style.

This will be the least irritating way for the skin to dry.
Try to avoid vigorous rubbing and hair dryers.

So there you have it, owners, wash your pet less!
I hope this post can educate and help prevent pets from developing irritations caused by over washing.

As Always,
Thanks for reading

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