Are Ginger Cats Always Male?

are ginger cats always male

Are ginger cats always male? No, although ginger cats are more likely to be male there are some female ginger cats.

Are Ginger Cats Always Male? No! Why Does It Seem We Only See Male Gingers?

The ginger colour gene is attached to an X chromosome, because of this ginger males are more common. They only require one copy of the X gene containing the ginger strain. This makes it easier for male cats to be ginger.

Females require two x chromosome genes and therefore need two copies of the X / Ginger Chromosome, statistically, this is less likely. making ginger females less common than males.

There are predominantly more ginger male cats than female.

are ginger cats always male

So it’s easy to see where this theory started. Male ginger cats are more common and the majority of ginger cats will be male.

Having a female ginger cat is almost rare… that’s pretty cool and makes having a female ginger cat something unique.

A combination of an epic name and a female ginger cat would be something to brag about to fellow cat lovers.

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are ginger cats always male

Are ginger cats always male is a common question in the vet clinic and one I wasn’t sure of the answer too which is why I decided to research and then write this post.

Mystery solved. No ginger cats are not always male but more interestingly is how unlikely they are to be female.

Makes me want to celebrate the next female ginger cat I find! You can be sure I will snap a cute photo and post her ginger beauty on our fakebook page.

As always Thanks For Reading.

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