The devastation of Month 4, I Needed New Blogging Ideas Fast!

Hello everyone a few days late with this one sorry.Month 4! Well, it has been eventful that’s for sure. This month had me in panic mode and made me get my thinking cap on. I needed new blogging ideas and fast. So last month I wrote about how I suspected id been marked as spam […]


Have you always wondered why does my dog raise his leg to pee? As you may be suspecting It has something to do with hierarchy and territory. Dogs communicate a lot through smells and their noses. They even have scent glands that excrete when they poop! there called anal glands. So Why Does My Dog […]

Dog Skin Lumps 3 Types That Are Benign – Not Cancer.

Following my post on dog skin cancers, I decided it would be nice to link and point out that not all dog skin lumps are cancer. Some lumps are benign and less harmful than a skin cancer. Different Types Of Benign Lumps Lipoma Lipomas are formed from excess fatty tissues. These dog skin lumps form […]

How To Tell If Your A Crazy Cat Lady

Ever wondered where the line between a cat lover and crazy cat lady is? I normally write about a lot of serious pet stuff but it has been a tough week and it feels right to do something fun. Please don’t take this too seriously it is meant for a laugh. 1. Your A Cat […]

Dog Skin Conditions – 5 Serious Skin Problems Your Dog Can Have.

Dog skin conditions, there are so many skin disease’s that this post could cover but it would have been very long. So I decided to pick 5 that I felt where important and also potentially more common than others. This list is based on my knowledge and experience from working in a special interest small […]

Tips To Manage A Dog With Skin Problems.

So you have a dog with skin problems? whether its chronic, seasonal, or random.I have 5 tips on how you can better manage your dog with skin problems. Dog with skin problems? 5 tips to manage it long term. #1 – Wash Them Less. That’s right washing less is better especially a dog with skin […]

Why My Dog Gets Itchy In Winter?? 5 Real Reason Why

If you’ve read my Itchy skin posts or my environmental allergies post and your dog gets itchy in winter you might be wondering why? Some “Winter Itch” posts you’ll read online will steer you away from environmental allergies. However, this is misleading as yes it can indeed still be environmental even in the middle of […]