Can Dogs Eat Oranges And Other Citrus Fruits?

If your dog has eaten or showed interest in oranges, you are probably wondering if it’s ok for them to ingest them?

can dogs eat oranges

Can dogs eat oranges safely?

Yes, dogs can eat the fleshy part of oranges. Full of vitamin c, potassium, and fiber.

While dogs are able to eat and digest orange flesh, it is not recommended. Oranges are high in sugar and are acidic. They can cause your dog gastro upset.

If you choose to feed your dog orange flesh, it should only be given as a special treat and not a meal replacement.

Veterinary recommended dog food is completely balanced and full of all the required nutrients for your dog’s needs. So there is no need to add oranges to your dog’s daily diet.

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Can dogs eat oranges

Can Dogs Eat Oranges Peel Or Skin?

No, dogs can eat oranges fleshy parts only. Orange peel/skin is highly acidic and hard for dogs to digest, which can lead to potential obstruction. Always remove peel and seeds before giving orange to your dog.

The peel of an orange is also rich in oils, this can cause gastro upset causing diarrhea, vomiting, and potentially then a very sick doggie.

Can dogs eat other citrus fruits like mandarin, tangerines, or clementines?

Yes the same rules apply, only feed the fleshy parts, always remove the seeds and peels.

A dog might not like the acid flavor of citrus and other veterinary recommended dog food is the best way to get essential nutrients into your dog.

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Do certain breeds of dogs like to eat oranges more than others?

There is no research to suggest that certain breeds are more inclined towards the flavor of citrus fruits like oranges. However larger breeds like boxers can consume more of the orange flesh compared with a small breed like a chihuahua.

Can dogs drink orange or citrus-based juices?

It is not recommended to give your do citrus based juices to drink. They are high in sugar and will not benefit a balanced diet that your dog needs.

Can young dogs like puppies eat oranges?

Yes, they can eat and digest the flesh of an orange. However, caution is advised with young puppies. They are more susceptible to gastro upsets than an adult dog.

How Much Orange Can I Feed My Dog?

Orange flesh can be fed to a dog as a treat. Moderation is advised don’t feed orange flesh as a meal. Orange should be given to a dog and ingested as a special treat only.

As stated previously veterinary recommended dog foods have everything your dog needs nutritionally so there is no need to add orange or other fruits into your dogs diet.

  1. Do oranges hurt dogs?

    The orange flesh is fine for dogs to eat. However, caution is advised, orange is high in sugar and is acidic. Your dog may not like the flavor. Orange peel/skin should not be given to your dog as it is hard to digest and can cause gastro upset.

  2. Can my dog eat orange slices?

    Slices of orange flesh are fine for a dog to consume. Orange peel/skin should not be given to your dog as it is hard to digest and can cause gastro upset.

  3. Why does my dog love oranges?

    Oranges are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. They are also high in sugar. Your dog obviously loves the flavor of orange. Orange peel/skin should not be given to your dog as it is hard to digest and can cause gastro upset.can dogs eat orange