The Problem Skin Journey

Helping Owners Of Cat And Dog Skin Disease Problems.

dog skin disease

Have you got a cat or dog with skin disease? Or Your dog is itchy all the time? Persistent redness or rash? Constant ear infections? Even if it’s just occasional, and/or seasonal. I want to help you find the Cause!

I am a veterinary nurse, working in a small animal skin clinic, and so I’d like to think I know a thing or two about skin by now.

Why Is My Dog Itchy and Smelly.

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This quiz is designed to direct you in the right direction. I have written a lot of content on skin and if you don’t need to read it all why would you, of course, your more than welcome too makes writing it more worthwhile. However, I’m here to truly try and help you get to the CAUSE! of your dog’s skin issues.

Take the quiz to narrow down whats likely irritating your dog’s skin disease and what best to pursue diagnostically and talk to your vet about.

Realistically your vet will always need to be involved when finding the cause. I highly recommend seeking out an Animal Dermatologist In your area, especially if your dog has been suffering from re-occurring problem skin issues.

Why I decided to Create The Skin Journey.

Having now worked in a small animal skin clinic for 3-4 years, I was shocked to find out how much unhelpful advice is online. So many poor owners sent on wild goose chases, and all because someone wrote something online.

I did some research and found I read too many articles like, ‘My dog is itchy all the time’ and ‘How coconut oil will solve your dog’s itchy skin issue’.

I’m sorry but, no coconut oil likely won’t fix a dog’s skin disease, and neither will Tumeric! It might help but it is not going to fix the cause.

I’m here to help with the knowledge I have and I hope to one day to rank high enough on google to make a big difference. Until then I will Just keep writing helpful content for cat and dog skin disease issues.

dog skin disease