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Welcome owners to Fur Fun with ME! Everything you need to know about your fur baby.

I’m so excited to have you here! I’ve created this blog to help owners get to know their fur babies better.
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I’m a passionate pet lover, mum of 3 fur babies, and two human ones. My house is pretty full, according to my husband anyway, If I had it my way the animals would outnumber the humans.

We love helping you and your fur baby

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As a qualified vet nurse with over 11 years experience.

I’m here to help and educate owners with real veterinary based advice.
Please take a look around some things are ‘ Still under construction’ as I am quite new to all this.

So bare with me if you notice an error or something isn’t quite up to speed, trust me when I say I’m working on all the teething issues as fast as I can.

I hope you can learn something new, and find the answer you’ve been searching for.
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