Cat Vs Dog? How To Decide Which One Is Right For You

Cat vs Dog, Dog vs Cat, it is a big question, and luckily one that can be answered easily.

There are a lot of differences between cats and dogs. Which makes deciding which is better for you more straight forward than you might think.

Cat vs dog
catcat vs dog

Cat Vs Dog – How To Decide 1:

Are you looking for a best friend or more a quiet flatmate?
Dogs are more like mans best friend where a cat will come and go as they please.

So just ask yourself, what is it you are wanting from the relationship when deciding cat vs dog?

Some prefer the idea of the quiet cuddly comfort of a cat. Others are looking for someone to take on life with, a companion to go for a run with, or walk the tracks.

cat staring

Cat vs Dog – How To Decide #2

Do you have a busy social life? are you out in the evenings wining and dining with friends? Then a cat is the better choice for you, cats are good at being alone for long periods of time when compared with dogs.

As long as a cat has a cat door to get outside, food, and water. You can leave them for a guilt-free evening, knowing they have everything they need.

Leaving a dog at home for long periods of time isn’t a good option, dogs love the company.
A life of being left home alone is not a life you want to sign a dog up for.

So if you prefer to hibernate at home whenever you’re given the chance.
Then no issues with having a dog or cat. Both will be more than happy to join you.

how pets improve your mental health

Cat Vs Dog – How to Decide #3

Do you like to exercise? are you a runner or a walker? If so then a dog is for you!

A constant companion for your adventures and one that will be just as enthusiastic about it.

If you enjoy getting out and about on tracks and beaches then you can’t go wrong with an energetic furry companion by your side.

Rather the company of a good book than the great outdoors? Then a cat to snuggle on your lap paints the perfect picture.
Although dogs are also happy to cuddle, they need to exercise, so if your not one for daily walks, consider a cat instead = )

Cat vs Dog – How To Decide #4

Can you handle a little bit of mess? Now arguably both cats and dogs are capable of creating a ruckus.

But I believe the overall winner has to be a dog. Between shedding hair, toileting, chewing, and bringing in the dirt they outnumber cats. On the mess front anyway.

However, cats are not mess-free and can cause mischief as well. If you’re not the best with the mess, but want a companion then a cat might be the better choice for you.

Mess doesn’t worry you then a dog is still on the cards. Dogs create a lot of entertainment through their mess making.

Dog wearing sunglasses

Cat vs Dog – How To Decide #5

Still struggling to decide??

Well, consider this, are you a person that likes to host? or do you prefer you’re own company?
If you love having guests around all the time. Then a cat would be better for you.

Generally dogs like attention and when guests arrive it can cause a lot of excitement.

If you don’t like the idea of your guests being slobbered over or a dog causing a commotion every time the doorbell rings.
Then I would say a cat is winning this cat vs dog discussion.

If your a person who has doggie lovers for friends or the thought of hosting numerous dinner party events makes you nausea’s. Well there is no reason to worry about getting a dog.

cat vs dog

To Sum This up…

Deciding is easy you just have to ask yourself the right questions! I hope this post has helped you come to a decision.

If you found that you’re suitable for both a cat and dog in your life. Why not just get both? The more the merrier I say.

Always consider adopting a dog or cat, there are so many fur babies that need homes.

Also consider buying your pet supplies from Entirely pets as they donate a percentage of every purchase to a Best friend Pet Adoption Program, A great cause to help pets find homes.

As always thanks for reading.

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