Christmas Gift Ideas For A Dog Lover You Know

Dog drinking glass

Christmas shopping can be hard. If the person your buying for is a dog lover then we have got you covered. From laser engraved wine glasses to funny t-shirts.

Take a look at out top selections for 2020


Find The Perfect Gift For A Dog Lover You Know

Know someone that loves wine and their dog? This is a perfect gift for them.

Laser engraved stemless wine glass with funny dog text

Dog drinking glass

Dog Tea Towels – Perfect for any dog lover you know.

A set of 5 adorable and clever dog kitchen towels make great dog lover gifts for women! Beautiful and cute, also high-quality kitchen towels. White herringbone with black and gold sparkling ink and beige linen cotton towels with black ink.

Dog Tea Towels

A Doggie Calendar

Each page of the Thoughts of Dog Day-to-Day 2021 Calendar includes an adorable illustration of the dog as it ponders yard shenanigans, snoozles, stuffed friends, snacks, boops, the Skittle under the fridge, and more. Dog lovers will adore this calendar!

Dog Thoughts Calender

Fun Dog Lover T-Shirt

SUPERIOR DESIGN: Crazy Dog T-shirt branded tees are designed and printed in the USA. We screen print our graphic tees with state of the art equipment to ensure vibrant colors and lasting durability. Our awesome funny shirts are the perfect gift for any occasion.

91pLjRtteL. AC UL1500

If not best of all, What’s better than having your dog by your side 24.7 even when you sleep. Check out this crafted dog beside table dog beds! The ultimate gift for a dog lover this Christmas

Why Dogs Love Humans Book

Dog Is Love: Why and How Your Dog Loves You Hardcover – Illustrated, September 24, 2019

dog lover gifts

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Bedside Table Dog Beds

bedside dog bed

I personally adore this idea! What a great way to have your dog in your bedroom but not actually on your bed.

Giving them a special place near you and also the practicality of it being bedroom furniture at the same time genius.

Check them Out!

BedSide Table Dog Bed

Bedside Woodend Dog Bed

With A Comfy Dog Mattress Inside This is the perfect piece to go next to your bed or anywhere. It can even be set up with a nice decorative plant on top.

The enclosed roofed in structure makes your dog feel private and secure while he sleeps.

Click here to have a look and get one of your own: Bedside Table Wooden Dog Bed

dog bed

Prefer One in Black? Check It out Here – Black Bedside Dog Bed

Dog bed
BedSide Table Dog Bed 2

Comfy Dog Mattress Options

A non slip memory foam mattress to fit inside your new bedside table dog bed.

Memory foam orthopedic mattress

Ortho bed dog

Click here to see this comfy mattress

dog bed mattress

Want your dog to also have a comfy head rest this mattress has it all. See it Here

dog bed comfy

Dog Skin Staph Infection Information And Tips

dog skin infections

What is staph? what do you do about it? and better how can you prevent it in the future. See my dog skin staph infection tips in this post

You’ve been to the vet or suspect your dog has a skin infection. Staph infection is likely, but can’t be confirmed without cytology by your vet.

dog skin staph infection

Dog Skin Staph Infection – What Is It?

Staph is short for Staphylococcus a type of bacteria. These bacteria often live on the skin around the mouth, nose, bum, and genitals. Staph can be identified by your vet or pathologist via cytology.

Cytology Is when samples are taken from the skin, often with the use of sellotape. The tape is pressed onto the skin surface and then pulled away, collecting the cells sitting on the skin surface.

Once collected these tapes are then examined by your vet or pathologist under a microscope. It is there that they can be identified as different types of bacteria, yeasts, inflammatory cells, and even cancer cells.

So How Does My Dog Get A Staph Infection?

As staph is living on the skin it is only when the skin surface is broken and a wound is formed that it enters and causes an infection.

It’s not only injuries that can cause these types of wounds/broken skin, the skin surface can be broken via multiple scenarios.

A common one is self-trauma from the dog itself. If a dog is itchy, or suffering from skin problems. Then it is the chewing, licking, and scratching from the dog itself that causes wounds/broken skin. Then allowing the bacteria on the skin surface in and thus causes an infection.

Dog Skin Infections

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Dog Skin Staph Infection Prevention And Tips

So how can I prevent my dog from getting a staff infection?

If your dog injures itself, causing a wound, try and keep the wound clean. Using dog-friendly topicals. Talk to your vet about what’s available. Crating a doggie wound box or first aid kit is recommended.

Also if the wound starts to look infected go to your vet sooner rather than later. Waiting until an infection is deep and festering takes a lot more trouble than getting it sorted earlier.

My Dogs Wounds Are Cause By Self Trauma? What Should I do?

Self-trauma wounds are trickier to prevent. I have written an extensive selection of dog skin problems, conditions, and what to do about them.
You can find them all here: Problem Dog Skin

The use of t-shirts, booties, and e-collars can be helpful short term. However long-term management of your dog’s underlying skin condition is what needs to be addressed. Consider seeing an Animal Dermatologist near you and booking a skin assessment.

If your dog is self traumatizing it is most likely a skin problem that needs addressing. The key is to find the cause of the problem. The infections are only a secondary problem to the main issue which is a skin condition.

Common skin conditions include atopic skin disease, food allergies, and flea or parasites. You can read more about common skin conditions here.

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Can Dogs Eat Oranges And Other Citrus Fruits?

can dogs eat orange

If your dog has eaten or showed interest in oranges, you are probably wondering if it’s ok for them to ingest them?

can dogs eat oranges

Can dogs eat oranges safely?

Yes, dogs can eat the fleshy part of oranges. Full of vitamin c, potassium, and fiber.

While dogs are able to eat and digest orange flesh, it is not recommended. Oranges are high in sugar and are acidic. They can cause your dog gastro upset.

If you choose to feed your dog orange flesh, it should only be given as a special treat and not a meal replacement.

Veterinary recommended dog food is completely balanced and full of all the required nutrients for your dog’s needs. So there is no need to add oranges to your dog’s daily diet.

can dogs eat oranges pin

Can dogs eat oranges

Can Dogs Eat Oranges Peel Or Skin?

No, dogs can eat oranges fleshy parts only. Orange peel/skin is highly acidic and hard for dogs to digest, which can lead to potential obstruction. Always remove peel and seeds before giving orange to your dog.

The peel of an orange is also rich in oils, this can cause gastro upset causing diarrhea, vomiting, and potentially then a very sick doggie.

Can dogs eat other citrus fruits like mandarin, tangerines, or clementines?

Yes the same rules apply, only feed the fleshy parts, always remove the seeds and peels.

A dog might not like the acid flavor of citrus and other veterinary recommended dog food is the best way to get essential nutrients into your dog.

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Do certain breeds of dogs like to eat oranges more than others?

There is no research to suggest that certain breeds are more inclined towards the flavor of citrus fruits like oranges. However larger breeds like boxers can consume more of the orange flesh compared with a small breed like a chihuahua.

Can dogs drink orange or citrus-based juices?

It is not recommended to give your do citrus based juices to drink. They are high in sugar and will not benefit a balanced diet that your dog needs.

Can young dogs like puppies eat oranges?

Yes, they can eat and digest the flesh of an orange. However, caution is advised with young puppies. They are more susceptible to gastro upsets than an adult dog.

How Much Orange Can I Feed My Dog?

Orange flesh can be fed to a dog as a treat. Moderation is advised don’t feed orange flesh as a meal. Orange should be given to a dog and ingested as a special treat only.

As stated previously veterinary recommended dog foods have everything your dog needs nutritionally so there is no need to add orange or other fruits into your dogs diet.

  1. Do oranges hurt dogs?

    The orange flesh is fine for dogs to eat. However, caution is advised, orange is high in sugar and is acidic. Your dog may not like the flavor. Orange peel/skin should not be given to your dog as it is hard to digest and can cause gastro upset.

  2. Can my dog eat orange slices?

    Slices of orange flesh are fine for a dog to consume. Orange peel/skin should not be given to your dog as it is hard to digest and can cause gastro upset.

  3. Why does my dog love oranges?

    Oranges are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. They are also high in sugar. Your dog obviously loves the flavor of orange. Orange peel/skin should not be given to your dog as it is hard to digest and can cause gastro upset.can dogs eat orange

How to Include Your Dog At A Wedding.

I love the idea of pets being a part of a couple’s special day. They’re family after all and deserve to be there. I personally had my dog at our wedding and I cherish the photos and memories. Check out my tips, based on experience, for how to include your dog at a wedding.

How To Include A Dog At A Wedding

Tip #1 Including your dog at a wedding.

Make them the ring bearer!!

This is what I had my dog do at our wedding. The best man cut the rings off my dog’s collar and then handed them to our celebrant.

Family members love jobs, especially on a special occasion like a wedding. In my experience, I have found there aren’t enough jobs to go around.
So this is an opportunity for another job. Someone needs to be in charge of the fur baby.

It needs to be someone the dog is familiar with, so a family member or close friend is essential.

We purchased a special collar – This helped “Zack” our Australian shepherd, hold the rings. It was easy for my husband’s best man to cut the ribbon, release the rings, and keep the ceremony flowing seamlessly.

Dog Wedding Collar
You can click here to view this collar

Since our wedding in 2017, there are many more options available. My favorites are as follows:

My Fur Baby was a boy but here’s a Cute Collar For Female Dog

Wedding Collar

Or this adorably neutral pillow to suit any dog!!

dog at a wedding

Tip #2 Including A Dog At A Wedding

Have them come up the aisle. Whether it be before, during, or after, your dog can come running up the aisle with a cute outfit, flowers, a sign, or best of all just them beautiful selves.

Lady Kissing dalmation

Having the distraction of watching your adorable fur baby trot or gallop up the aisle will break the ice before, add fun in between or be a beautiful finale to the ceremony.

There’s no loss in my opinion, even if they break loose and give everyone slobbery kisses, and cause a ruckus. Who cares? It is all fun and games? I mean why is anyone who doesn’t like dog kisses at your wedding anyway?

Check out these adorable options for outfits and accessories your dog can wear whilst they run up the aisle.

Dog Of Honor Bandana

Dog Of Honour

A Doggie Tuxedo

dog tuxedo

I Do Too Bandana

I do too

Floral Head Set For You Fur-Maid

Florel Head set for Dog

Tip # 3 – Including Your Dog At A Wedding

Just Having Them There.

If you don’t need them to have a moment in the spotlight, or your dog would prefer to just watch. Just have them there.

Designate someone they know well, to be there care for the day.

Having them there in something cute gives opportunities for photos and memories.

dog cuddles with owner

Tip #4 – Including A Dog At A Wedding.

Have a photoshoot with the dog. If you have a shy or anxious dog that won’t cope with a ceremony environment. Arrange to have some time and photos with them.

Whether it be before or after the ceremony. With the bridal party or without. It is your specials day and if having your dog involved in some way, is what you want then do it.

I do not regret having photos with my dog on our special day. I cherish them and have them all over my walls at home now.

Lady hugging her husky

Whatever you decide to do I wish you the happiest of days! Furbaby hopefully involved and dressed to impress, alongside their owners.

Please if you go ahead I would love photos! You can post them to my Facebook page and encourage others to go for it!

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100+ Dog Names – Find The Perfect Name For Your Pooch.

Need name ideas for your new fur baby to be. Look no further here is a list of different dog names, including links to more detailed lists for each category.

It can be difficult to find the right name so if you haven’t yet met your fur ball to be. Make a note of your favorites. You won’t know which one fits best until you meet your new best friend. However, having some in mind is a great idea and help relieve the pressure.

Cavalier king Charles spaniel

Popular Dog Names For Female Dogs:

Getting a fur girl? See these popular names or click the link below for a more comprehensive list of girl names.
















Still searching for the perfect girl name, check out my more detailed list of names below.

See more female dog names in this post:

Dalmatian hug

Popular Dog Names for Male Dogs:

Thinking of getting a male dog? check out these popular names or click the link below for more options.











None of these quite fit, take a look at my post dedicated to fur boy names below.

See a more detailed list for male dog names here:

Dog Names

Australian Themed Dog Names

Want a name that stands out? love Australia? try these names out. See the link below for more detailed options.

Sydney – Capital of New South Wales, Australia

Melbourne – Capital of Victoria, Australia

Brisbane – (or Brizzie) Capital of Queensland Australia.

Perth – Popular city on the southwestern corner of Australia.

Adelaide – Large Australian city, Adelaide is a beautiful name for a female dog.

Canberra – the capital city of Australia.

Tasmania – an island state of Australia.

Hobart – the capital city of Tasmania.

Uluru – also known as Ayers Rock, It is a large sandstone rock formation.

Kakadu – Northern Territory of Australia.

Bondi – as in Bondi Beach, a popular beach in Australia.

If you loved these? then you defiantly need to check out the rest of the Aussie themed names in this post.

Find a detailed list on Aussie Themed Dog names here:

tricolored long coated dog 4277238

Unique Names For A Dog

Want something not so mainstream? check out these unique names or click the link below for more themed names.

You’re bound to find something that stands out from the crowd.

Unique Male Names








Unique Names For Female dogs:












More Unique Themed dog names here:

Still searching for something that will really stand out? Then try a themed name.

Themed Dog Names

I hope you found the name you where looking for

Leave me more name ideas in the comments, so I can add them to my lists = )

Australian Dog Names 60+ Adorable Themed Names to Choose From.

white and black short coat puppy on black window car 134392

Do you need a name for your new pooch? Check out these Australian dog names. You’re bound to find an outback name for your ball of fur.

Dog Names By Place In Australia

Sydney – Capital of New South Wales, Australia

Melbourne – Capital of Victoria, Australia

Brisbane – (or Brizzie) Capital of Queensland Australia.

Perth – Popular city on the southwestern corner of Australia.

Adelaide – Large Australian city, Adelaide is a beautiful name for a female dog.

Canberra – the capital city of Australia.

Tasmania – an island state of Australia.

Hobart – the capital city of Tasmania.

Uluru – also known as Ayers Rock, It is a large sandstone rock formation.

Kakadu – Northern Territory of Australia.

Bondi – as in Bondi Beach, a popular beach in Australia.

tricolored long coated dog 4277238

Australian Themed Dog Names

Native Aboriginal Inspired Australian Dog Names

Amarina – rain

Coorah – woman

Jarrah – eucalyptus tree

Karri – another type of eucalyptus tree

Kiah – from the beautiful place

Kolya – winter

Kylie – boomerang

Mandu – the sun

Mani – equal

Miki – the moon

Nioka – green hills

Talia – near water

Youri – to hear

Australian shepherd

Australian Dog Names That Are Unique.

Aussie: Describes someone from Australia.

Bindi: Popularized by Bindi Irwin, daughter of “The Crocodile Hunter” and a television and movie star.

Coral: The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world.

Didgeridoo: The popular woodwind instrument created by the aboriginal people of Australia.

Dingo: A wild dog exclusive to Australia.

Emu: The national bird of Australia..

Hugh: The multi-talented Hugh Jackman hails from Sydney.

Kangaroo: An animal and icon of Australia.

Cute puppies in basket

Aussie Slang Themed Australian Dog Names

Arvo (afternoon)

Barbie (barbeque)

Bro- Brother or a friend

Croc – Crocodile

Choccy (chocolate)

Grommet (young surfer)

Joey (baby kangaroo)

Mate (friend)

Oz (shortened version of Australia)

Postie (postman)

Sheela – A Woman or adult female

French bulldog

Random And Food-Related Australian Dog Names.

Barramundi: A delicious fish popular in Australia.

Chiko: A popular Australian Egg roll-like snack.

Jaffa: A popular candy in Australia and New Zealand.

Lamington: A cake popular across the country of Australia.

Pavlova: A New Zealand original dessert that the Aussies stole as their own, It is meringue mixed with fruit.

Scooner – A glass size, a beer is served in.

TimTam: An Australian-exclusive biscuit.

Vegemite: One of Australia’s best-known spreads for toast.

That’s the end of my Australian themed dog names.

Check out some of my other name ideas:

Best dog names for males:
Best Dog Names for females

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Food Allergy In Dogs – How To Perform A Food Elimination Trial On Your Pet.

dog food trial

Food allergy In Dogs and Performing Elimination trials.
This is a big one and something I am incredibly passionate about getting right the first time!

So, let us talk about why and how to perform a food elimination trial. Plus let’s bust a few myths along the way.

Well, What Is A Food Elimination Trial?

A food trial involves, placing your dog on a novel protein diet, for a minimum of 6-8 weeks.

A food elimination trial is considered the gold standard method, for diagnosing food allergies, in a dog globally.

Other methods are available, but less reliable and if it were my dog, I would only use the gold standard method.

Any other method used, will be less accurate than performing a food elimination trial. So Let’s do this right the first time.

food allergy in dogs

Why Would You Perform A Food Trial On Your Dog?

Food elimination diet trials are used to determine if a dog has a food allergy.

So what does a food allergy look like in a dog?
Food allergies can present themselves in several different ways. Common symptoms include anal gland problems, gastro issues and regular upset tummy episodes from a young age.

Also common is skin issue like ear infections, itchy irritated feet, skin rashes, and irritated skin around the bum and mouth.

Common Myths About Food Allergies

!Myth Busted!

Food allergies in dogs are less common than environmental allergies.
A dog is more likely to be allergic to something in its environment like pollen or dust mites than it is its food.

!Myth Busted!

Food allergies in dogs are most commonly caused by a meat protein source! Currently Beef is the number 1 food allergen globally.
Grain allergies in dogs are uncommon.
Unfortunately, the human fad of ‘grain-free eating’ means a lot of owners waste time and money trying grain-free dog diets before performing a proper food trial.

Cats are the best pets

How To perform A Food Elimination Trial.

To perform an elimination diet trial on a dog they need to be placed onto a novel protein diet for at least 8 weeks. This needs to be strictly monitored and controlled. It’s best to talk to your vet before starting and keep good communication with them throughout the trial.

What Is A Novel Protein Diet?

A “novel” protein just means a “new” protein a dog hasn’t eaten before.
Normal doggy diets often contain multiple protein sources. Also cross contamination between different foods is common in manufacturing processes. Therefore it is impossible to use these diets for an elimination trial.

It needs to be known that the diet is a novel protein for the dog. Otherwise, time can be wasted or false results determined.
Worse case is that a food allergy goes undiagnosed because it is assumed the diet did not make a difference to the symptoms.

It is considered we have no novel protein sources. With multiple protein sources being mixed in diets, dogs being exposed to wild meats and roadkill commonly. Placing them on a single ‘uncommon’ protein. Is not 100% guaranteed. This can lead to the mentioned above comments about wasted time and failed results.

So What Diet Is Recommended To Perform A Food Trial With?

Talking to a vet about the right diet in a country or area is advised before starting or attempting a food elimination diet trial.

In my experience, we successfully use what’s known as hydrolyzed diets. Royal Canin has done amazing work creating Annallergenic and Hypoallergenic therapeutic diets.
Annallergenic is considered the gold standard globally for a food elimination trial.

I have included a link to a more detailed video on the diet.

Anallergenic – How it’s made! Video:

tricolored long coated dog 4277238 1

Keep your pet strictly on the diet chosen.

This can’t be emphasized more! It is very easy to fail a trial. The owner must be 100% committed to the diet trial and understand fully what they are trying to achieve. Owner compliance is of the utmost importance.

Why? because if exposed to a protein source before the 8 weeks is up, it is impossible to determine if the dog is reacting to that protein source or others still left in the dog’s system. Or none at all. Meaning the trial needs to be re-started from the beginning. This can be incredibly frustrating for everyone involved.

Before starting a food trial make sure the dog owners are aware and committed. It only takes a very small amount of bread, cheese, meat, milk, and other dog treats or foods to ruin the trial.

A food trial is temporary, Once an allergy or non-allergy is confirmed then the dog’s diet can vary again. Either back to previous if no food allergy was found or if an allergy was confirmed a less restricted version only avoiding that protein source.

What Happens When The 6-8 Weeks Of Novel Protein Diet Is Completed

My favorite part the challenge!!

It is time to find out if the dog has a food allergy.

There are typically two ways to do this that I know of but again check with you’re vet and what they recommend.

1. A food holiday – this means giving your pet everything they haven’t had during the food trial and seeing if they have a reaction. It’s a very quick way to determine if food is their issue.

The downside of a food holiday challenge is if the dog has a reaction, it is not known exactly which protein source caused it. The reaction then needs to be re-controlled with the novel protein diet and individual testing will be required.

2. Trial individual food allergens/Protein gradually. To then determine what exactly caused the flare.

In this method, one by one different protein sources/types is trialed over 2 week periods. If the dog has a reaction then an allergy is confirmed to that protein source.

If no allergen is found, then food allergy has been ruled.

Fun Fact
Ear disease/flares are considered skin disease they are under the ‘Skin Umbrella’ and are a common flare from food allergies

In Conclusion

If your pet has suffered from ongoing skin/gastro issues, talk to your vet about performing a food elimination trial.

Food elimination trials are used for diagnosing food allergies in pets.

They require a novel protein diet for 6-8 weeks

You Must then challenge the diet to confirm food allergy in your pet.

Remember to always involve your vet when considering a food elimination trial.

As always thanks for reading = )

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What is the most common food allergy in dogs?

Meat protein sources are considered the highest food allergens. The most common are Beef, Chicken, Pork, Dairy.

How can you tell if your dog is allergic to food?

There are many food allergy symptoms ranging from gastro flares, to skin rashes and even ear infections.
Performing a true food elimination trial is the gold standard way to tell if your dog has a food allergy.

What do you feed a dog with food allergies?

During a food trial you feed a “novel protien diet” like Royal Canines Anallergenic.
Once you know what your dog is allergic to you then just avoid those protein sources your dog is allergic to.

How long does it take for food allergies to go away in dogs?

Food allergies never really go away, they can however be managed.
It can take 3 weeks for a flare to settle and sometimes up to 8-12 weeks for symptoms to clear completely.

Does grain free dog food help with allergies?

Not unless your dog has a grain allergy, which is rare!
Your dog is more likely to be allergic to a meat protein source or even the environment than grains.
A novel protein diet must be used to determine if a dog has a food allergy.

My Dog Is Itchy. Why? And What Can I Do?

Dalmatian hug

So your dog is itchy all the time? Persistent redness or rash? Constant ear infections? Even if it’s just occasional, or only seasonal, you’ve come to the right place.

I am a veterinary nurse, working in a small animal skin clinic, and so I’d like to think I know a thing or two about skin by now.

I truly want to help you get to the bottom of your dog’s itchy skin issue if I can.

Why I’ve Decided To Write This Post

I’ve read too many articles like, ‘My dog is itchy all the time’ and ‘How coconut oil will solve your dog’s itchy skin issue’.

I’m sorry but, no coconut oil likely won’t fix a dog’s skin issue, and neither will Tumeric! It might help but it is not going to fix the cause.

dog skin conditions

My Dog Is Itchy All The Time Help! Right enough chit chat lets get to it!

Why is my dog itchy? Well, this post isn’t going to solve that question straight away, and neither will searching Dr. Google.

However, I hope that this post will encourage you to start the process, In finding the CAUSE of your fur babies itchy skin and then ultimately solving the issues.

Lets Answer Some Common Questions:

How can I get my dog to stop scratching?

Find the cause of there itchy skin. Take your dog to the vet and start a plan on finding out what is causing your dog to itch.

Your vet will have many medical options to help give your dog relief immediately. However, finding the cause of the itch is key.

What causes severe itching in dogs?

Skin is very diverse there are so many reasons why.
Some examples of severe itching are food, environmental, and flea allergies.

However, many other medical conditions can cause itchy skin, please always take your animal to a vet and find the cause of their itchy skin.

What can I give my dog for itchy skin?

Your Vet has many medications and topical treatments for various skin conditions. Itchy Skin management is very possible, curing chronic skin conditions completely can be tricky.

Please always take your pet and their itchy skin to your vet.

Dog Breed Selector

Sometimes There Is No Cure, skin Can Be Tricky, But It Can Be Managed Well.

Take My Itchy Dog Skin Quiz
9 Questions To Help You Find The Cause Of Your Dogs Skin Problem.

Skin disease in dogs is so diverse and there truly are many reasons why your dog could be itchy!
Yes, some are easyish and others are not.

I’m talking about the not so easy cases in this post.
Eg: they have had more than one flare, and have already tried a few different options only to have the issues return.

I’m sorry, this isn’t likely going to be solved overnight, or by one Vet clinic visit. I wish it could.

Problem skin can be stressful, owners feel like they have already spent a small fortune, and watching their itchy fur baby tear themselves apart again! Is not fun!

We are empathetic this is happening.
It sucks! We understand and truly want to help you.

Women massaging dogs skin

How can I start finding the cause to my dogs itchy skin then?

Go to see a vet! Be ready to ask some questions.

Tell them you want to go further into this and find the cause.
Be aware skin cases take time. So prepare to be patient.

Remember, time-wise your vet is like your GP, they typically get 15mins with you and your dog. Before the next client and patient are waiting to see them.

Most Owners are expecting a vet to solve the dog’s skin issue in that 15mins. Unfortunately, this is not always realistic, especially with more complicated skin diseases.

Cute Husky with owners hands

Ask Them For A Referal To A Skin Clinic.

If it’s needed, a vet will offer you a referral to an animal dermatology clinic, like the one where I work.

But You can always ask for one or jump on the internet to see if there is one in your area.

I can not recommend a Derm Clinic more,
We are focused solely on that niche so it is a great option

However, not everyone’s budget can afford referral to a derm clinic.

In conculusion

When you started reading this, you were probably hoping for some magical fix and I’m so sorry I can’t give you that.

I would love nothing more than for coconut oil or turmeric to be the answer but unfortunately, it’s not!

You should check out these posts as they are all things that work towards finding the CAUSE of the itch!

How overwashing your dog can cause skin issues:

Food Allergies in Dogs and What to do:

Environmental Allergies In Dogs – How they make them itchy.

Fleas And Why Owners Need To Prevent Them:

Why My Dog Gets Itchy In Winter?

As Always thanks for reading xx

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What can I give my dog for itchy skin?

Your Vet has many medications and topical treatments for various skin conditions. Please always take your pet and their itchy skin to your vet.

How can I get my dog to stop scratching?

Find the cause of there itchy skin. Take your dog to the vet and start a plan on finding out what is causing your dog to itch.
Your vet will have many medical options to help give your dog relief immediately. However, finding the cause of the itch is key.

Why is my dog so itchy but has no fleas?

Not all skin itch or conditions are caused by fleas. Your dog for example can also be allergic to its environment or food sources.
The could have an underlying medical condition.
Take your dog to see your vet asap.

What causes severe itching in dogs?

Skin is very diverse there are so many reasons why. Some examples of severe itching are food, environmental, and flea allergies.
Also, many other medical conditions can cause itchy skin, please always take your animal to a vet and find the cause of their itchy skin.

100+ Female Dog Names – Find The Perfect Name for Your Fur Fun Girl

Are you thinking of getting a female dog?? See these top lists of name categorised to help you find the perfect name.

Feeding dog fruit

Most used/ popular names for female dogs
























French bulldog cute

Cool and unusual female dog names ( Not Weird)

Want something that stand out from the crowd?? Try these less mainstream options.















Female Dog Names

Unique and almost forgotten names

These names are some of my favourites, I’m including my daughter’s name in this list because I think it is beautiful for a fur princess as well.
These names are not found on a vet clinics database option which is where I did my research!

















Layla ( This is my Daughters name haha)







shallow focus photography of a cavalier king charles spaniel 1390361

Very unusual names for a girl dog







Mary Puppins



Lisa Vanderpup



Virginia Woof


Sarah Jessica Barker






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Crazy names!

Feeling adventurous try a ‘out there’ Female dog name.

Peanut Wigglebutt

Sir Hog Knucklehead

Sasha Biggiepotamus Fierce

Otto Von Longdog



Neville Longbottom



That’s it for Female dog names.

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