Blogging On WordPress – How My Second Month Went As A New Blogger.

Blogging On WordPress

Hello everybody, I’m so excited to say that this month, as there are now, wonderful people reading my stuff!!! Yay!

So excited and honoured. Blogging on WordPress has been a huge learning curve.

Thank you all so much for reading. All your comments are amazing, you have all been so lovely = )

To say this second month has been a success is an understatement. I’m so glad I have stuck it out.

If you haven’t seen how my first-month blogging on WordPress went yet, take a look here first.

I’m so addicted to blogging. I love it, especially getting helpful content online for pet owners.
It is such a rewarding feeling to be able to help more people.

Now when I say Blogging on WordPress, I am self-hosted just using WordPress on my site. Just want to clarify, I strongly recommend you get self-hosted, if your thinking of starting a blog.

How Much I Have Grown This Month While Blogging On WordPress.

Cats are the best pets

1: My Pinterest has just exploded.
I now have 169,000 monthly viewers and nearly 90 followers.
I have no idea if that is actually good compared to other bloggers but I feel great about it. Whoop, Whoop.

2: So many comments guys! Really thank you so much, All of them are just amazing and it warms my heart.

3: I have had 800 Unique views on my website this month. Compared to just 23 or so last month. So freaking exciting!

Also scary that so many people are reading my content.
I have to admit, I’m worried about the inevitable haters.
I haven’t had any yet, but I am a sensitive creature. So that will be a learning curve for me.

Things That Are Still A Challenge, While I’m Still Learning About Blogging On WordPress

cats are the best pets

1: Facebook – I am struggling to get any real action on here. It is still mostly, all family and friends, and love you all for every like and share XXXX.
So this next month it is one of my goals to do some research and try to crack /grow it at least a little.

2: Monetizing my blog – I thought this was a way of measuring the success of my blog. I was wrong, the comments and shares are so much better.
However, this month I have learnt/focused on my content and SEO instead.

3. COVID 19 has delayed me being able to get ads on my site, as everything is closed up or snowed under.
Despite all this, I did make my first $1.00 yay! go me.

Also, I had an opportunity/offer to sell my blog and I am super surprised what it is worth!
No, I’m not selling, I am way too addicted haha

3: SEO – Despite this being a focus for me this month. I’m still a little lost, I have made progress but it is slow going and time-consuming.

However, from what I’ve learnt about SEO, the long term gains of getting it right are worth the effort.
I will keep you updated.

4. Learning – Between writing content as fast I can and trying to learn what the hell I’m doing right or wrong. There is not a lot of time left for extra learning. Ive found multiple free courses but have had no time to even think about looking at them.

I can now see why this process can take a long time to get on top of. As working, two kids, household and animals have to come first. I can’t drop everything and spend hours and hours researching. So i am stuck with doing what i can when i can.

However, despite this im so stoked with the progress so far its been an awesome month.

Dog with Glasses on

That’s me for this month. Like I said earlier Blogging On WordPress has been a huge learning curve. But I’m so glad I’m giving it a go.

As always thanks for reading – Especially now you are actually reading my stuff eeeek! Still so stoaked haha

Catcha next month.

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  1. Amazing progress!! And love how different your content is, it’s clear through your writing how much knowledge you have to share with us all, keep up the great work

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