The devastation of Month 4, I Needed New Blogging Ideas Fast!

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Hello everyone a few days late with this one sorry.
Month 4! Well, it has been eventful that’s for sure.

This month had me in panic mode and made me get my thinking cap on. I needed new blogging ideas and fast.

So last month I wrote about how I suspected id been marked as spam and had my Pinterest traffic slashed.

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I Needed Blogging Ideas And Help Fast.

Well, I was right the very next day my whole account was shut down and all my hard work vanished. I went from 1000 website views a day to 20. I had no idea why.

After 1.5weeks of emailing Pinterest and getting automatic replies over and over that, I was a spammer, finally, a real person looked into it! Within no time I was back up and running. It was all a mistake and Pinterest apologized.

However, my traffic has suffered considerably even now I am only just creeping back up to 300-500 views per day.

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What Did I Do While I Was In Pinterest Jail?

They say, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and I learned the hard way why. I focused on Pinterest a lot because it was going so well.

Being taken off forced me to re-think everything and it really pushed me to look for new blogging ideas and getting into improving my SEO.

I have been struggling with this and previously, and not really getting a lot in return for my efforts.

However, I think I am finally getting somewhere it is incredibly slow but there is an improvement and I’m hoping at some stage I will break through the algorithm barrier that is google haha

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Why Am I Finding Facebook Such A Barrier??

Facebook is still a struggle, I get so much more responsive action, for my content on Pinterest.
Facebook, is barely giving me much at all. It is hard to get motivated to keep working at it.

I’ve joined groups, I do a mix of funny posts, serious posts, my written content. Still no luck! Even sharing viral posts doesn’t gain me a lot in the way of impressions or likes. I really feel like Facebook is restricting me until I pay for a boost or ad campaign

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Blogging Ideas – What Have I Done Differently This Month.

On a different note, I have entered the world of Instagram, this is completely new for me and I am learning how best to navigate all the opportunities.

Financially – well let me just say I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon to become a full-time blogger.

Affiliate marketing has made me zero so far, even though I only promote products I would use myself. Ads well were talking cents and maybe a dollar here or there.

Another Month Done And Dusted…

That’s me for this month guys, I’m still managing to get 2-3 blog posts out a week despite being back at work now. I really am committed to giving this a full go.

I really hope it starts paying off soon, even if it could cover its costs would be great as I love blogging to everyone.

See you all next month, As always thanks for reading.

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